January 23, 2017


Something about losing a bunch of weight triggered this desire in me to start doing my makeup a bit more.  Ha ha.  I remembered that my sister in law Heidi was really good at makeup and even does the contouring stuff I keep hearing about and seeing online. I asked her if she could show me while I was in Utah. She brought her stuff out and spent a long time telling me about the makeup and applying it.  I think it turned our really great!
Brent thought so too and he got out the camera and took some pictures of me.  Heidi got stuck with holding the backdrop (aka blanket) for these pictures.  Brent's so talented with lighting.

After he finished taking pictures I asked him to shoot another one to show my weight loss.  I've lost about 25-30 pounds (it's hard to tell exactly because I've gained muscle for sure)
This is what I wrote about it on Instagram:

A little over 4 months ago I changed my eating habits and started exercising regularly. I have lost nearly 30 pounds in that time and am now addicted to exercise and clean eating. It feels so good to be back to the weight I was before I had kids. It also feels good to be stronger physically than I have ever been before. There were a lot of reasons I wanted to make this change but one major reason was because I hope we will be able to get pregnant again. As time goes on, I don't know if the Lord has that in mind for us or not but if he does my body is ready to carry one of his children again and I would be honored with that privilege. In the meantime as we wait to see if it's in the Lord's plans or not, I'm excited to train for an Olympic length triathlon and some backpacking trips this summer!

 And Heidi took a few on her phone that I liked...

First Part of January

We've been watching a lot of movies this Christmas break... catching up the kids on some of the classics... Clifford, Home Alone, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and more... one we hadn't watched yet was Rocket Man!
So we went to the Maynes's and watched with them. That was a lot of fun.  Chico laughed SO hard.  It was fun watching him watch it.  Christa was playing around with the camera while we watched it, here are a few of her pictures.

There was a cousin birthday party to celebrate too later in January! Such a fun time! Steve, Heidi, and John came which made it all the more fun. Once again I borrowed these pictures from Christa. Thanks!!!

Looks kinda like Griz was eating blood.

I was in a bit of a dangerous spot getting caught in a bit of the crossfire between Dan and Steve.

SOmetimes Jack reminds me a bit of Griz so it was cute seeing them play together.  Not sure they actually had fun, maybe there was a miscommunication there about the rules. Ha ha.

This is huge... Sanna is making progress with their dog.  She has even touched him!

And now some cell phone pics:

We got the kids snow clothes that fit them and they've spent so much time out in the snow this January. It's been awesome.  Even a few neighbor kids came to play.

I got the kids new goggles too, such a silly girl.

With these new goggles we finally went swimming again.
Phone didn't have a fast enough shutter speed for jumping in pictures but they still look kinda cool!

The kids had a blast at the pool and we even had Brent with us which made it even better.  They jumped a million times.  Griz off the high dive of course.  Chico preferred the lower jump. I don't blame him!

Dang Facebook shows video recipes all the time on my feed. One time Brent was sitting next to me when I saw a tutorial about making pretzel dogs.  He told me he really wanted me to make them.  I decided to give it a try and they were AMAZING>>>

And now for our real camera:

We were sitting and chatting with Ellen after we had eaten the pretzel dogs and Brent commented how nice she looked and went and grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.  I got stuck holding the backdrop. ;) (aka a blanket)

We had Taran with us. Doesn't he look great?

And later downstairs Brent and the kids weren't done taking pictures.

I think Bubba took this one...

I like this picture because it shows real life.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started quite early at the Hatch Household... Apparently having the tree right in their room was too exciting. Alvin came in our room at 2:00 am informing us that Santa had come and wouldn't leave us alone and woke up all his siblings by 3:30 so we let them look at and play with their santa toys for an hour and then I made them all go back to bed for two more hours and yet they still weaseled me out of bed by 6:00. Stinkers.

Brent bought the kids special rocks in Moab on the move out here.  He had them pick them out and then tricked them saying he couldn't buy them and sent them to the car where I was waiting and then he bought them anyway and hid them in the car.  Kids were pretty ticked off when it happened and pretty happy to receive them for Christmas!

Daddy was sick so no pictures of him.

Christmas was on Sunday this year so we had to get them ready for church after opening presents.  We were a little late of course too... not sure why since we were up SOOO early. Ha ha... oh yeah I remember. It snowed a BUNCH during the night. It took a while to dig out. :)

After church we recovered a bit and let the kids play with their toys and ate upstairs. THen we went to my mom's to open presents and eat monkey bread. Then we went to Grandma Coy's for her annual Christmas party.  It was fun but being there makes me miss grandpa every time.

I feel like I'm forgetting something so Brent fill me in where I"m forgetting.

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we got the house ready, cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, and cookies made, and the even showered the kids! Ha ha.  The Maynes came over and opened presents upstairs from Grandma and Grandpa Wong so we joined them and our kids opened theirs too.
Then a little later we joined them again up at Grandpa Hatch's house for his annual Christmas eve party. Some of the family wasn't there so that was a bummer but we still had fun with everyone that WAS there! Everyone was generous with their gifts.
Brent had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing around with the flashes.

There are about 30 of me I only post a few of them. I'm glad to know I'm still his favorite subject. ;)

This one makes me laugh... 

And a few from Christa's camera...

I took this picture as they were going to bed. The excitement was SO strong about Santa coming.  I can't even tell you! Reading Christmas Chronicles to them the week leading up to the big day only made it stronger.