October 8, 2017

Griz's Birthday

Griz chose a dinosaur themed birthday (thank you Griz!!!!).  We started out the party with pin the tail on the dinosaur while waiting for Brent to get back with the pizzas. Nothing makes you feel cooler than having a bunch of kids in awe with your artistic abilities.  Lol.  I didn't take pictures of the kids doing the pinning since I was solo at that point in the party.
 I also saw some "photo booth" cheap props at the store and got some for the party.  Kids had some fun with that...

Those were just a few of the photo booth pictures but that is all I'll post on here.

Griz then begged to open presents.... such a cutie... except for the shaved patch on his head, little stinker.

The cake that he helped decorate... So fun! {and easy!}

We did a donut eating contest last year in Tennessee and he requested one again this year.  I didn't tie the donuts last year (my friends did because I was busy making pizzas) and so I didn't realize you're supposed to tie the donut tighter instead of just a loop. The donuts kept falling off.  The kids had fun though! 
 And there were lots of funny faces...
 Sanna snuck a hand in there.

 Love these boys.
 Not sure if the other families would be okay with me posting their pictures so these are the only pictures I'll post on the blog.
This one was funny because Brent caught it falling right into J's hand.  At least that's what the kids say when they see this picture.

Brent made Griz wait until his actual birthday two days later to open the big one from us and the grandparents...

Griz has been so cute with Voltron.  Has been treating it like his baby doll taking him wherever he goes.  It really is quite the cool toy.  Each lion is sold separately and they all form into a really sturdy robot!

October 3, 2017

August and September

 Right before the kids and I left for Utah Brent and I went on a much needed date since we knew wouldn't be together for 2 long weeks. We heard the roses were in bloom down at Sunset State Park so we headed down there.

Rhubarb anyone?!  Yeah, that's the biggest piece of rhubarb I've ever seen.  Guess things like that grow better around here... Or it's just a magical garden.

The gardens were great but the best part was being able to spend time with this wonderful man. I am so lucky to be married to him.  He is so good, I am always in awe on how he does all he does, treats people so well, and cares for others so much.

 Fast forward a week or so and here the kids are in the Uintah mountains at Moosehorn Lake.  Having a blast rafting with their cousins.  The next day they even caught some fish! It was a non stop adventure for these kids.  I hope they created some fun memories this trip.

This picture of Griz makes me laugh.  His poor cousins were practically sinking and he's lounging in the front.

 Sanna had her birthday while we were up there.  My mom had made her a heart shaped cake at home and then frosted it and sprinkled it for her.  She loved it.  So glad she was easy going about her birthday since I was dead to the world.  Hey at least I got the camera out!

 Dang, I didn't get any pictures of the heroes of the camping trip.  My parents.  They were incredible.  Super heroes for sure.  They worked themselves into the ground creating these wonderful memories for the grandkids.  Unfortunately they also ended up taking care of me and the kids too since I was such a useless lump.

 Lots of smiles all around.  I think we had a good time.  Maybe didn't get enough sleep some of the nights but overall good time.

Everyone decided to go to my uncles house in Rexburg to see the Eclipse.  We left Saturday and caravaned over there.  I got the lucky job of sitting in Emily and Stephen's car so that I wouldn't get car sick.  I got to have fun adult conversation and play with their son.  We went to church in Rexburg the next day and boy was it crowded!

 These are a few of the pictures I took.  After I took this next one I decided I'd just enjoy it instead of trying to get a cool picture.  That's what I did and oh boy, it was INCREDIBLE!!!! The best part was when it was 100% totality.  I had no idea how cool it would be to stand there in the darkness staring at the corona. It was just gorgeous as the "diamond" appeared.  It was so exciting.  Sanna got so excited and asked that we call Brent so she could tell him what was happening.  I feel bad because he got to hear all of our excited screaming and yelling and he was totally jelly... and he's totally planning our trip to see the next eclipse.

We made it home!!!  I documented that pretty well other places but I didn't say what we found when we got home.  Brent had the house spotless and Sanna's room full of gifts for her birthday!  I was too tired and sick to take a picture, hopefully Brent got some good ones on his phone that I can get onto the computer soon.
We needed to spend some good quality time catching up.  So we went on a long drive up to Winston to a U-Pick farm.  We got some peaches and picked a bunch of blueberries.  It was our second time blueberry picking this year and we were glad we got to do it with Brent this time.  He makes everything fun.

I don't know how I caputred these blueberries so awesomely in the next picture... nor do I know which kid threw them in the air.  But it was a fun discovery as I was going through the pictures.

 It was so hot out there.  Sanna's face was so red!  And we were all so thirsty!!!
 I love Brent's artistic eye with photography.  I'm always glad when he gets behind the lens because art always follows.

Before church one day Sanna was outside messing around and Brent grabbed the camera to capture some more beauty...

Then one evening Brent wanted to take us all on a walk at the beach but right before we were to leave I got super sick so he took the two youngest by himself.  Chico wasn't in the mood.
 They were  playing around with the new GoPro they gave me for my birthday.  Now that I'm feeling better I should try to figure out how to find those videos.  And I should start playing with the GoPro myself!!!

School begins...
It's so weird that school only started a month ago. Feels like they've been in school forever.
We were all a little high strung as we prepared for the bus to come that morning.  So their individual portraits didn't work out very well, but these group ones are adorable...

 We didn't know the bus would come straight to our house so we had walked down to the corner.  I was very excited when she said, no no, I'll just get them in front of your house next time.  So yeah, I can just watch from my window as they get on the bus.  It's the best!

The next day or was it the next week...I can't remember....Sanna started her first day of Preschool.  What a cutie pie. She was so excited.

I drove past Goodwill the other day and saw that they are "cosume central" so I took Sanna and  I don't have pictures yet of her in her costumes (Supergirl and Anna because they were cheap enough we could get two). Brent took Griz a day or two later and he LOVES his ninja costume.  Sanna had just gotten a new black dress so that was her ninja outfit so she could play with Griz.

 Griz loves shopping.  Brent you should get on the blog and describe how he is when he shops. You describe it so well.