April 28, 2010

cuter every day

We were playing with Great Grandma and she had these frames that the lenses fell out of.  Chico loves wearing them, he must know that he looks absolutely adorable.
Chico is such a ham for the camera. If I tell him to smile he'll smile such a big cheesy grin... then again he does that when the camera isn't around too. He's just a happy kid if he's got someone to play with.
The other day we walked down to the library to return some books and get some new ones.  There were a lot of other kids there at the time.  Chico seemed to want to play with them but then one of the little boys, about his age or older, came and took my hand and was signaling for me to come with him and pick another book.  I was looking around for the parent and the dad came walking up and said, "I guess you're fill-in mom today."  I laughed and looked down and Chico was up in the boy's face saying, "Don't!" while trying to ward of the boy with the library book he was holding.  I was really surprised by his reaction, hopefully he's not like that to his little brother when he comes.  It's gonna be a big transition though, I can already tell.
Speaking of Chico saying "don't"... it's his new favorite word. And the funniest thing is (though it's kind of annoying too) is that he says it like a teenager.  I promise he didn't learn it from me! ;)

April 24, 2010


The Primary President in our ward is SO creative and always has the coolest ideas.  She was scheduled to teach about Joseph Smith's first vision.  So she got a bunch of stuff together and created this set up in the room that looks a lot like the painting of Joseph reading the Bible in his bedroom as a young teenager. (Joseph read the scripture, James 1:5-6 which says that if you lack wisdom to ask God in faith and He will answer your prayers.  That led to him going out into the woods and praying. When he did he was visited by God and Jesus Christ.  For more information about what we believe click the picture of the temple on my sidebar.)
She wanted each of our primary kids to be able to have a chance to come up and sit in the rocking chair in that scene and hold a bible that was opened to that scripture.  She asked me to photograph each of the kids so that we can put it in their yearly primary journal. This one was my favorite of all the primary kids because it reminds me that Joseph was a young man, only 14, and he was able to know for himself...

Then when Chico got out of nursery I set him on the rocker with a picture of Jesus on his lap because the Bible was a bit too antique and hefty for him. :)  Did I mention that Chico can say "Jesus"?  One of the few words he knows, I think it is so sweet.

April 21, 2010

Wahoo for the Zoo! (and the aquarium and pool and our anniversary too...)

To start out I should blog about our 3rd Anniversary that we celebrated recently!

The day of we went to a local Italian restaurant and enjoyed a nice cozy dinner being the only patrons there at the time.  Then we drove up to the Temple and did some Sealings.  It felt good to do that as a celebration of the fact that we were sealed to each other for all eternity 3 years ago.  As a tradition I order a cake from the local bakery but this year we thought I should try to make one instead. Brent loved it, but I'm not going to lie, I think the bakery does a better job. :)  Brent ordered me flowers.  I LOVED this arrangement.  One of the prettiest he's ordered so far I think.
3 happy years!

Well last week a friend from High School and I went to the zoo and then the next day to the aquarium.  She has been cooped up all winter with her triplets so she was very anxious to go do some fun things.  And indeed they were fun!  I didn't take pictures at the aquarium because I figured I'll be visiting it a lot in the next year (I bought a pass because it's only $20 to buy a pass for a year!!! Way good deal.  And Chico is free) The zoo was fun and I did take the camera!  We had such a fun time.
I won't include all the pics I took of the animals. Just some of Chico...

This was my view of Chico most of the time.  He didn't look back at me much, he was fascinated by the animals!

We left the stroller outside of one of the indoor things and he had fun getting up next to the glass and looking at the animals.

(and  yes, even a really nice camera can take crappy pictures if not set to the right settings but it's just so cute of Chico even though it's blurry) :)

And then today we went to the pool and he was SO happy the whole time.  He was being very independent and didn't want much help.  He didn't cry at all and even though he was freezing he was having a blast.  Can't wait until this summer when we can swim outdoors!

April 19, 2010

It worked!

The ultrasound that is!  And the doctor was there.  And the baby was keeping it's legs in the perfect position so that I got to see it for myself even!

Yep.  It's a boy!!!

Chico is gonna have a little brother.  It's still kinda surreal to me.  I can't picture what it's going to be like, but I guess I just get to experience it as it comes!

We haven't chosen a name yet. Not sure if we will before he is born or not.  Will keep you posted (on the private blog that is).
Guess I don't have as much shopping to do.  That makes it kinda nice since I hate shopping anyway. :)

By the way, pregnancy is going great.  Everything still looking good. :)

April 16, 2010

and a few more easter egg hunts...

Well, Brent's mom wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt with the grandkids.  So Brent's mom and her awesome fiance boiled a ton of eggs and hid them all over the yard.  Chico wasn't as in to it this time.  He was sick and probably having fun watching all the other kids.  Thankfully he had some cute cousins that helped him (and a cute cousin who couldn't help but take the egg out from under him which made me laugh so hard!)




Then the next week my mom wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt with her grandkids because my brother had his kids the week after Easter. So Chico tagged a long for this one too and he was like, "Easter Eggs? Pssh, that was so last week.  Let's play in the yard instead!"  So that's what he did while the others loaded their baskets full.

I don't think he minded a bit that he only had a couple eggs. :)

In other news...
Brent and Chico are planting us a garden and totally making our yard nicer!
That's my awesome grandpa whom Chico adores.

Well Brent's actually out working on the yard right now while I'm being lazy and blogging so I better get off my tush and do the dishes or something domestic-like. :)

p.s. We might find out what we're having on Monday!!!  I'm so nervous, keep your fingers crossed that baby won't be keeping it's legs crossed! :)

April 7, 2010

We're in the SECOND trimester

I'm not going to lie. This is my favorite of the three trimesters. 

I think everyone would agree with me that it's the best. ;) Then again I don't know, I didn't get to spend much time in the third trimester last time, so maybe I'll change my mind this time around. LOL, probably not!

I'm feeling pretty good 95% of the time now and lovin' it! I even think I might have felt the baby moving last night... hopefully... I guess it could have maybe been something else moving in my body, like gas I guess. But I'm inclined to believe it was my cute little baby. 

So there is this cool magazine that they give you in the hospital with really cool pictures in it. They gave one to me last pregnancy too and I was in school at the time and needed to paint something important to me. This is what I came up with: 
(keep in mind this painting is actually like 20 times bigger than it appears on your screen) Photobucket The reactions I got were kind of varied with this painting. Either people loved it, or they seemed to hate it. People were nice enough not to tell me they hated it, I could just tell by their faces and their silence. OH well, not everyone has to like the insides of my body. :)

I just looked up something cool I'd like to share:

How big is your baby?

Your baby is now over 4 inches long and weighs just a little less than 2 ounces.

What is happening with your baby?

Your baby is continuing to grow and mature at this point. Your baby’s arms are going to begin to lengthen and be more proportioned to the rest of the body. The liver is beginning to produce bile, while the spleen is beginning to produce red blood cells.
The development of your baby’s brain enables him/her to use his/her facial muscles to grimace, frown, and squint. He/she may even be sucking his/her thumb. Because you have begun the second trimester and most of the critical development has been completed, the chance of miscarriage decreases.

p.s.  Check out the easter egg hunting post below if you haven't seen it yet.  Chico is quite adorable.

April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting!

Even though Chico is still pretty young, I decided to try decorating eggs and doing an easter egg hunt with him this year. We decorated eggs, he helped color on some of them with crayons then we would dye them for him. It went pretty well and I'm glad we did it! I wanted to take a picture after we finished and I said, "Hey guys, smile for the camera!" Brent leaned forward and Chico put his arm around Brent's neck and brought his face in close to his and smiled real big. It was so cute, Brent and I were laughing pretty hard. Photobucket
Then we decided to do a family one, this is the best one. Sadly, Chico's face is out of focus because he is too close to the camera but I love his shy smile so I had to keep it!
And these are our "beaUtiful" eggs!

The next morning I woke up early and hid the eggs.  Then we got Chico dressed and had Brent help him search for the eggs.  I love these pictures below because they totally show the progression of Chico being unsure and then totally getting into it. 

Then we "bowbro" the eggs (that's Chico's word for broke) . And whipped up some "Golden Rod Eggs".  My favorito tradition for Easter was eating this breakfast. I think he liked them too. :)
After breakfast I gave him his easter basket.  First thing he did was try and eat the mini snickers... with the wrapper on.  Silly kid!

Easter was wonderful, Conference was wonderful, it was just a wonderful weekend!