November 2, 2011

1st Halloween Party

My mom and I sewed Grizwald's costume this year. I was at the DI looking to see if they had any dragon costumes and all I could find was a plain jumper with some black fins along the arm. It was too plain for my liking so I kept looking and as I walked past a shelf, up on the top I saw a giant dragon stuffed animal. The wheels in my brain started turning, and luckily my mom the seamstress was there with me and I asked her if it would be possible to combine the jumper with the stuffed animal and create our own costume. She said it was and so we bought them. His costume cost $4 total and thanks to my mom's expertise it looks adorable. Photobucket

My Mom threw a doozey of a party. I think we did every Halloween activity possible except bobbing for apples. :)

I made these mummy dogs which tasted pretty dang good.


Cute Grandma with my boys

He's just too cute,and I took a ton of pictures. :)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Chico and Grizwald role playing their costumes.
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My mom leant me her old prom dress and I was a princess being saved by my Knight in Shining Armor.Photobucket

My cute photo-genic new niece.

Coming soon... a bunch more Halloween pictures!