September 15, 2014

Our Crazy Girl

Sanna is a crazy active toddler. At not even 13 months old she is climbing up bookshelves, dressers, onto the table, into the desk drawer, pretty much any precarious situation she can think of, she's attempting. This is just one weeks worth of phone pictures documenting our crazy girl. 

I guess the top of the dresser is no longer a safe place to put things we want to keep out of her reach.

We have two computers at our desk. I was working on the mac and she climbed on my lap and then climbed over into this drawer that was open next to me so she could work on the pc.  She was using the mouse and keyboard like she's been doing this kinda thing all her life!
 I couldn't get the camera out fast enough to show her walking in these, it was so cute though, she came clowning into the room wearing Chico's shoes.

 She likes to get some reading done while walking laps on the couch...

 And now the top of the table is no longer safe.  Is it just me or can you see "mischief" written all over her face!?

 I teach Relief Society once a month. Yesterday was my turn but Brent couldn't come to church.  I asked the nursery if she could come in for that first hour. I figured she'd be fine with playing with toys with other kids. Which she was! I came to check on her after my lesson was over and I peeked in the window in the door as they were starting snack time and I was just grinning ear to ear seeing my cute Bubba there at the table with all those kids. She's so clearly still a baby but she so clearly does not believe that for one second.  She looked so happy.  She wanted to stand while eating her treats so the nursery leader held onto her hand. Sanna totally would have been stomping around on top of the table with a mischievous grin on her face if they'd have let her!

And last but not least, finally something about the other kids...Griz is the VIP at preschool this month and on this particular day he received a crown! He absolutely LOVES preschool.  He loves doing homework. He is so capable at getting ready, packing up his backpack.  It is such a joy having him in preschool.  It is so refreshing!

This last week has really been hard. Brent's pain from his surgery is pretty unbearable. One night I had to stay up with him most the night to make sure he was okay because he couldn't even stand because of the pain. I had to help lift him out of the chair and walk with him into the bathroom several times that night. Just that short walk left him shaky and so sick all from the intense pain and we had to do it several times that night. So we took him into the ER that next morning just to be told that they couldn't do anything about it. The pain was from internal bleeding and it would eventually go away.  Now several days later it is slightly improving but he is still in a lot of pain and really sick.  It is so hard to watch him like this.  It's been a hard week for me dealing with everything but I am so grateful to family who helped make it not as bad as it could have been.  Thank you!!!
We also got to do a few fun things this week.  The things that come immediately to mind are first a play date at Smoot Park with some High School friends. So much fun!  And on Saturday we got to go to two birthday parties.  We were full of sugar by the end of the night and Chico said he thought he might throw up if he ate any more sugar but it was worth it because of how fun it was.  It was fun going to those two parties because my boys were just little social butterflies and chatterboxes.  They were so cute to watch, I loved it!

September 7, 2014

Griz's First Day of Preschool!

Griz was SO excited for his first day of preschool.  He was so ready, he's been ready for a long time in fact.  He was so cute about getting his picture taken too. I can't believe how old he is.  Love this sweet boy.

On Labor Day I took the kids swimming but we had to call it a day after just an hour because Sanna had a fever, it was so weird.  Her whole body was cold from the water but her head was burning up. I felt so bad for her. The rest of the week wasn't too great besides the first day of pre school was on Wednesday.  That day I also photographed a wedding all day.  
Thursday night Brent had the idea to take us to Kangaroo Zoo. It was fun, the kids were in Heaven when they walked in the door.
On Friday morning Brent had a surgery to repair an inguinal hernia and the rest of the weekend has been misery. But he's making lemonade out of his lemons:)

September 1, 2014

Birthday Parties and First Grade!

The First Day of First Grade!
The dreaded day finally arrived. Chico had not been looking forward to it all summer. But the day arrived and he actually seemed kinda excited the morning of. A little nervous, but excited still. 

It's funny to think back to the first day of school last year. Sanna was a week old in her car seat in the picture. She's so big now!

Thought I'd be like all the cool kids and have him hold up 1 for first grade.

 When he put on his pants that morning (for the first time) I said, "Woah!" (cuz he looked so grown up) and he got a big smile on his face and said, "Do I look like Brent?"  He felt so proud of himself, it was so funny.

We actually got ready a little early so we had time to take a few more photos around the yard.

And since we were ready so early we also had time to get a little messy. :)

We had two different birthday parties this week, one was combined with the Hatch side, then later we had a combined party for all the August Birthdays on my side of the Family.
So here is Sanna getting sung to...

Getting a little help with her candle...

Her own little miniature cake... she wouldn't eat it with her hands so we gave her a fork...

I took away the fork, she wasn't too happy about that, but then she cheered up and ate some more.

" Okay, I'm done. Where do I put my plate?"

She loves this piano from Grandma but she thinks it's hilarious to stand on the keys. Crazy woman.

Opening the rest of her presents...

I am in love with these next two pics...

 Sanna got this pillow rhino but boy oh boy Griz just loves it and has claimed it as his own.  Good thing Sanna is good at sharing. :)

Speaking of sharing, luckily her cousin didn't mind sharing his new ball with her for a bit.  She just LOVED it!

"Hip Hip Hooray it's my Birthday!" (that's what her shirt says)
When I made her other tiny cake I made this one at the same time and saved it for this party.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling great and didn't feel like eating very much.

This next picture shows how much Chico and Sanna look alike I think:

Chico was really wanting in on some of that action, I love the look on her face.

I had put a big chunk of cake in her hand trying to get her to be okay with eating it and this is her dropping it, the look on her face just says, "Mom, I just don't want it right now"

So we let the boys have at it. They were more than willing.  Griz thought the term cake smash meant you actually smash the cake up and he didn't eat any.
 Chico never got to do a cake smash as a baby so this was his moment. :)

From the Phone:

Once nice thing about this last week was the cooler temperatures (so unusual for this time of year).  We played at the park almost every day.  I happened to take a few at this park that the kids love with the dinos.

They especially love the dino with only two springs. It's a much more exciting ride!

Later that day we (and half the Wasatch Front) went to the Ogden Temple Open House. The line was so long and the kids were so grumpy by the time we got into the temple that they were whining throughout most of the tour. But as we walked into the celestial room with all three of our children I was reminded of my temple covenants, reminded of the day I received my endowment with Brent there, reminded of how grateful I am for my children, my posterity.  I felt such a desire to return there with them someday when they are all older and felt a renewed desire to be a better parent so that I can help them make it there.  All of those feelings made the long line worth it.  I'm grateful we could take them there.

We were playing at the playground after school one day and Sanna really wanted to wear Chico's backpack. She just likes being one of the big kids!

My Birthday...
I decided we should do something a little adventurous for my birthday.  I wasn't sure I could get Brent to agree to do it with me on any random day (he claims he's not a swimmer) but since it was my birthday he had no choice.  :) We did a Sprint Triathlon, we don't like to pay race fees so it was just the two of us on our own at the rec center. We did it backwards, ran 3 miles first, then biked 12, then swam 350 yards.  It was fun having someone to do it with and I think I might have a new swimming buddy finally because he liked it better than he thought he would. Yay! :)
 We were starved after that tough work out and went and each had a pizza at Settebellos.  Yum!
 After we picked up the kids from my parents we took them home and they decorated the house for my birthday and we had brownies with ice cream and watched America's Funniest Home Videos on netflix.  It was such a fun birthday! Oh and that morning we had a neighborhood party, the neighbors had a bouncey house and made an amazing breakfast.  It was really a lot of fun, the kids were so cute, they thought the party was for me. :)