April 26, 2013

I was going through my photos and realized that there were a few more keepers to post!
When I was getting the lighting set up for our announcement pictures the boys were posing for me. This first one is SO funny, he does the weirdest poses for me sometimes.
 photo IMG_6260.jpg

These are just so sweet of Griz, I love them!
 photo IMG_6263.jpg  photo IMG_6265.jpg

Then while Brent was taking the pictures Griz jumped out from the side trying to make me laugh and Brent caught it in the side of the picture. It is so dang cute!
 photo IMG_6280.jpg

Brent took a few of me without me holding the dress as well.
 photo IMG_6289.jpg  photo IMG_6292.jpg

Brent sometimes will study here at home and it's hard for the kids to resist cuddling up next to him.  One time I just had to grab the camera and capture how cutely Griz had cuddled up to him.
 photo IMG_6294.jpg  photo IMG_6295.jpg

Then he decided to blow raspberries at me instead. Silly goose.
 photo IMG_6296.jpg

April 8, 2013

Today we found out the gender of our next baby! The ultrasound very clearly indicated we are having a girl! It's a good thing it was so clear because if it hadn't been SO definitively a girl I wouldn't have believed it. I was SURE it was a boy. But sure enough there is a baby GIRL growing inside me! I can't believe we're going to have a daughter!
A minute or two after the ultra sound tech told us the gender she stopped and asked me if I was okay.  I laughed not realizing my shock was noticeable and said, yeah, I just am in shock that it's a girl! 
Chico wanted a baby sister and prayed for it to be a girl. Isn't that sweet!? 
Alrighty August, here we come! Let's get this baby here!

Here are two cell phone pics of us picking out her outfit at the store right after we found out. We texted the family "It's a girl!!!" with the image on the right.

 photo imagejpeg_2.jpg  photo imagejpeg_21.jpg

With all of this excitement of it being a girl it seems as if Grizwald has finally figured out that this baby we keep talking about in my belly isn't HIM.  Helps that it's a girl baby and having the outfit helped too.  I realized he finally got it when he saw the outfit hanging up in my closet with my shirts. He saw it there and pointed at it and said, "no". I pulled it down for him and he lifted up my shirt so he could try to put it on the baby. :)  He seems to be okay with a baby coming for now, we'll see how he feels when she comes.

April 6, 2013

Ogden's Dinosaur Museum

It's Spring Break for the kids' cousins and so my mom has done a few fun outings with the kids. Zoo earlier this week and then Dinosaur Museum a few days later.  I came along to this one and at the last minute decided to bring my camera. 

The boys love this place, the dinosaurs looks so real, it is so much fun.  The boys were excited about this one, pointing at the baby dinosaurs and then Chico spotted the predator creeping in on the nest!
 photo IMG_6148.jpg

Trying to get Chico to smile lately is interesting. He just loves being goofy too much instead. 
 photo IMG_6152.jpg

He's so sweet and always picking flowers for me to put in my hair.
 photo IMG_6154.jpg

The kids were literally running to each dinosaur, when they get together they have SO much fun.
 photo IMG_6160.jpg

They found this big open field and started playing dinosaurs and were attacking each other.
 photo IMG_6166.jpg  photo IMG_6167.jpg  photo IMG_6171.jpg

Then they played in the playground for a good long time.  Griz was a wild man when it came to the sand.  Here he is planning his next victim to throw sand at. He learned (with a little discipline from me) that he couldn't throw it at everyone.  His cousin R wanted him to though and was fun for him to play with.
 photo IMG_6184.jpg  photo IMG_6193.jpg

Here is a Giganotasaurus. The sign said it was bigger than the t-rex  (they didn't live at the same time though).   After checking the dinosaur out the kids discovered how much fun the bar was to play on.
 photo IMG_6195.jpg  photo IMG_6197.jpg  photo IMG_6200.jpg

Here is his ferocious dinosaur imitation...
 photo IMG_6204.jpg

Griz riding on a prehistoric alligator.
 photo IMG_6214.jpg

I just love this place, it is so cool!!! There is an indoor museum too, but I put away my camera for that part.
 photo IMG_6218.jpg

April 3, 2013


 photo IMG_5976.jpg
Chico has been drawing and coloring up a storm this last month. If he's not playing with toys or digging in the dirt he's got a pencil in his hand. Even when he's watching a show, he'll often sit and draw while he watches.  I have been amazed by the things he is able to draw. A few months ago all he would draw were cells and bacteria and stuff like that (yeah, you can tell who he idolizes and wants to be like when he grows up, anything daddy likes is the coolest thing ever) but now he has also ventured out into people and robots. He has discovered he likes coloring books too, especially if he has some nice colored pencils. He has always loved art, like he'll ask to paint every once in a while, but this is seriously all the time now.  And he has a new desire to write too, he's often writing random letters down and asking me what they spell.  He can even write his own name without tracing it or copying it.  He likes to write it all the time!  I'm glad he has caught this desire it will be a good thing to help him when he starts Kindergarten in the fall!

 photo IMG_5982.jpg

"Look what I can do!"
 photo IMG_5983.jpg

Griz is the best flopper I have ever seen. He "dies" very dramatically and will ham it up for as long as possible.
 photo IMG_5989.jpg  photo IMG_5992.jpg  photo IMG_5994.jpg

The boys saw a show on Disney channel upstairs and when it was done, Chico came running downstairs bound and determined to make some walkie talkies and spy goggles.  So I cut out these goggles which they loved, Chico made the walkie talkies and they had some fun with it for a little bit.
 photo IMG_6012.jpg  photo IMG_6013.jpg

After a long day playing I turned on a show for them and before I knew it Griz was gone. I love how he looks when he sleeps.
 photo IMG_6038.jpg

And while I had the camera out I had to get on of Chico too!
 photo IMG_6042.jpg

Well we did it. We decorated Easter Eggs. It's something I haven't braved by myself before but this year I felt like it was something the boys would really enjoy so we did it! Griz cruised through the eggs, throwing as many into the dye as fast as he could.
 photo IMG_6044.jpg  photo IMG_6045.jpg

Chico spent time decorating each egg with crayons and then putting them in carefully.  Last time we did eggs was when he was Griz's age and he did it just like Griz did, breaking lots of eggs. :) This time he just seemed so old and capable, it was cool.
 photo IMG_6046.jpg  photo IMG_6047.jpg

If you look closely you can see a reflection of metal on Griz's head in the picture below. That reflection is of one of the two staples he got put in his head that day when he walked right into the path of a moving metal teeter totter.  He was playing at a friend's house so I didn't see it happen but they said he had blood all over his face. (on Easter Sunday Chico saw a movie with Jesus Christ getting crucified and the blood all over his face from the thorns and he said, "That's what Grizwald's face looked like.")  Breaks my heart. Griz was pretty tough about it though. They had the blood all cleaned up by the time I got there and we decided that though it was small it was still deep enough to warrant a doctors visit.  Sure enough, they stapled it together and sent us on our way. He's pretty careful about his "oww" and is a good sport about letting people look at it when I'm telling them about it.
 photo IMG_6049.jpg

 photo IMG_6054.jpg
Oh, and see how this picture above shows my new frame arrangement on the wall.  They are all old frames I found in my grandparent's shed which my grandma was kind enough to let me keep. I started with just the big frame, I asked Brent when he was on his way to Home Depot to get me some spray paint for it.  He asked what color and I told him that I wanted him to choose and wouldn't tell him a color.  He came back with JUST the color I would have chosen and he said that's why he chose it, because he knew I'd like it.  Isn't that so sweet!?  Then a few months later I got around to getting some more spray paint and spraying the 8x10ish frames.  Don't ask me how I'm going to arrange it once we have three kids, cuz I haven't decided yet. :)

ANYWAY, after both of those tangents, let's get back to Easter...

The next morning the kids woke up got to search for Easter eggs, the eggs in the house were filled with jelly beans which they were totally excited to find!
(don't you love the bed-head? lol)
 photo IMG_6070.jpg  photo IMG_6081.jpg

Griz didn't look as hard for eggs because he was too busy eating the jelly beans of the eggs he had already found!
 photo IMG_6083.jpg  photo IMG_6087.jpg

Then we went outside because the eggs they decorated were hidden out there...  photo IMG_6104.jpg  photo IMG_6105.jpg

Griz got a big kick out of how the eggs were hidden in the rock wall. (and we got a big kick out of how long it took for them to notice the eggs!)
 photo IMG_6110.jpg  photo IMG_6111.jpg

He also discovered that you can fit the boiled eggs in the fake eggs.
 photo IMG_6119.jpg  photo IMG_6130.jpg

I'm glad Brent could be home for them searching for the eggs. It was so much fun for us to see how long it took for them to find eggs in obvious places.  We thought we were hiding them too easily but it took them a long time to find the 20 eggs and they often needed some pointing in the right direction.
 photo IMG_6136.jpg

 photo IMG_6137.jpg
Griz just started this new thing where he strikes this pose (see above) and says "bummmm!!!" They think it's the funniest thing ever. He really is a crack up, he loves being funny and he's good at it too!