April 6, 2013

Ogden's Dinosaur Museum

It's Spring Break for the kids' cousins and so my mom has done a few fun outings with the kids. Zoo earlier this week and then Dinosaur Museum a few days later.  I came along to this one and at the last minute decided to bring my camera. 

The boys love this place, the dinosaurs looks so real, it is so much fun.  The boys were excited about this one, pointing at the baby dinosaurs and then Chico spotted the predator creeping in on the nest!
 photo IMG_6148.jpg

Trying to get Chico to smile lately is interesting. He just loves being goofy too much instead. 
 photo IMG_6152.jpg

He's so sweet and always picking flowers for me to put in my hair.
 photo IMG_6154.jpg

The kids were literally running to each dinosaur, when they get together they have SO much fun.
 photo IMG_6160.jpg

They found this big open field and started playing dinosaurs and were attacking each other.
 photo IMG_6166.jpg  photo IMG_6167.jpg  photo IMG_6171.jpg

Then they played in the playground for a good long time.  Griz was a wild man when it came to the sand.  Here he is planning his next victim to throw sand at. He learned (with a little discipline from me) that he couldn't throw it at everyone.  His cousin R wanted him to though and was fun for him to play with.
 photo IMG_6184.jpg  photo IMG_6193.jpg

Here is a Giganotasaurus. The sign said it was bigger than the t-rex  (they didn't live at the same time though).   After checking the dinosaur out the kids discovered how much fun the bar was to play on.
 photo IMG_6195.jpg  photo IMG_6197.jpg  photo IMG_6200.jpg

Here is his ferocious dinosaur imitation...
 photo IMG_6204.jpg

Griz riding on a prehistoric alligator.
 photo IMG_6214.jpg

I just love this place, it is so cool!!! There is an indoor museum too, but I put away my camera for that part.
 photo IMG_6218.jpg

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