March 25, 2010

Confession Time

Okay, so the real reason I haven't blogged much is mostly to do with one thing. Sleep has become way more important to me. I have spent very little "creative time" at the computer lately. If I'm sitting at the computer it is usually while I'm nibbling on saltines trying to feel good enough to get going on the day while reading all y'alls blogs and mindlessly reading facebook statuses. But as soon as it feels like I might be ready to be creative Chico wakes up, and he does not like me to sit at the computer. :)
So in case the saltines and sleepiness didn't give it away... yes I'm pregnant!!!! And we're thrilled!  I'm 12 weeks along now and just saw my OB earlier this week for the second time. Everything is going really well!  He's pretty sure I don't have pregnancy onset Lupus or whatever which thrills us all!  The preeclampsia is still looming over our heads as a possibility but I'm trying to stay positive and think big thoughts. (big baby + big mommy = happy everybody) Speaking of big... I haven't really gained any weight yet but my uterus has sure expanded! I used to be able suck my tummy in flat but now I can't!  Then again, I rarely suck in and stand up straight and tall.... which could probably be why two people from my ward asked if I was pregnant... before I was even pregnant. :)
Sooo... this pregnancy so far has been probably a bit harder than chico's because I'm at home instead of sitting at school and at a desk all day like I did when pregnant with chicoChico has been awesome though, he loves Saltine crackers! So on the mornings that he would wake up before I was ready for him to be awake (which was often) I'd bring him in my bed and we would eat saltines together.  And we'd lay there reading books or turn on a movie for about 10 minutes.  It was something he never would have done before now, definitely a tender mercy.  He also has become SO cute about babies!!!  The day before we found out we were pregnant he started saying the word baby.  He points at any picture of himself or another baby and will say in the cutest little chico voice, "baby!".  I haven't quite convinced him that there is a baby in my belly.  My friend was 9 months pregnant and I tried to tell him she had a baby in her belly and he just kinda blew us off again.  Oh well. :)
He has a cute little cousin, "E". She is 4 months old.  He is quite cute with her.  Out of the blue the other day he went up and gave "E" a side hug (she was being held in a standing position by her mom).  Okay, he hardly ever just goes and gives people hugs. And he did it TWICE with "E" and then he went and squished in next to her so he could sit with his arm around her back.  I about died watching it because it was so adorable.  Whenever "E" cries he gets really concerned and looks like he wants to go comfort her. He's a man of few words so it's cute watching him try to comfort her with just hand motions. 
So yeah, he's just been really cute with little girls lately... makes me wonder if we're going to have a girl.  We go to a ward play group every week and the other lady who comes has two, wait no, now three little girls (she's my friend who was pregnant)  So anyway, one of the little girls, "H" is like 6 months older than Chico.  They're so funny together.  The other day we took them to the Church's Art and History Museum to the "I am a Child of God" room for kids.  We were kicking ourselves for not bringing our cameras because Chico and "H" were being so cute together.  They have a bunch of kid-sized plastic furniture some of which are love seats.  They kept sitting next to each other on the love seats.  "H" was adorable and would scoot in closer to Chico and want to sit by him, I think it actually made him a little uncomfortable one time. The look on his face was hilarious. Another time, Chico and "H" were just running around and we thought they had maybe escaped into the museum part but we found them standing there close to the entrance just standing next to each other LAUGHING and leaning their backs against the wall.  Oh man, it was cute! Sometimes I think he's able to communicate with the kids his age better than with me.
He's got a cousin, "N", who is 6 months older than him and they'll just run around together and play for the longest time together. My sister-in-law was watching chico the other day and said that he and "N" were just standing on the kitchen chairs throwing around the leftover ramen noodles from lunch and laughing really hard.
Anyway, I probably could go on and on, but it's just fun to see him growing up and interacting.
So, back to the pregnancy!  We went in at about 6 weeks and got to see our little baby.  He/She looked more like a little bean than a baby.  But it was still awesome to see! Then this week when I went in for my second appointment (just about 12 weeks) and got to have another ultrasound. I get to have an ultrasound at every appointment because I'm high risk!!! Woot!  (woot for the ultra sounds, not for the high riskedness, lol)  So anyway, I got to see our cute little baby again!!!  The doc didn't print any pictures which bummed out Brent greatly.  He didn't come with me to the appointment figuring he'd at least get to see pictures (that's what our last doc would do). I should have asked him to print some but was too thrilled looking at the baby and hearing the doc talk about how good everything looks that I didn't even think to ask.  The baby was kicking his/her legs a bunch and had it's cute little hand rested on it's knee.  It looks like just a cute little miniature baby!  He/She is only 2 1/2 inches long and looks so good and healthy!
The sickness is starting to go away slowly (knock on wood).  It's still random when I get sick though.  It's not always at the same time in the day.  That's how it was with chico too.  I remember with chico, Brent and I were riding the UTA bus home from school one night and I was way sick (yeah, the stinky bus didn't make it any better).  John Boom was sitting behind us (a guy from my high school) and he said I didn't look like I was feeling too well.  Brent put his arm around me and said to John, "Yeah, she's going through a sick time in her life."  I couldn't help but laugh at that statement.  John sat and thought for about 30 seconds and then he turns back around and says, "Is that a euphemism for being pregnant?"  Maybe you had to be there... or maybe you'd have to know John Boom to think it was funny. But Brent and I still laugh about it to this day.
Brent has been so awesome during all of my illness.  He is so patient with my fatigue and sickness.  He has really helped out a ton with the cleaning and shopping.  I don't cook a ton anymore, food just doesn't sound appealing.  Preparing it sounds even worse.  Brent is great about helping out with the gross stuff in cooking that I can't bear to do, mainly like cutting raw chicken.
Anyway, so I'm looking forward to my second trimester coming up here soon.  I have high hopes of having a lot of fun with my cute little fam before I get too uncomfortable.  I look forward to finding out the gender so I can know what to shop for and how to decorate.  And I'm going to try to get everything done before I reach 30 weeks just in case.  Because with chico, I had gotten approximately NOTHING done before he was born. 
I'm also looking forward to never getting a cold ever again.  I've had a cold almost the whole pregnancy long.  I had a mild cold when I was about 5 weeks.  Then at about 7 weeks I caught a terrible cold and it turned into a sinus infection.  Then right after I got better with that one just last week I caught yet ANOTHER cold.  This one isn't as bad, it's a sore throat/cough no stuffiness though (knock on wood).  Does knocking on wood help?  My doctor did it yesterday, so it probably does.;)
I'm mostly just looking forward to having another baby! The Lord has blessed us so much!  We're grateful he's giving us with another child and hope we can be the parents he would want us to be.
Well...I think that about sums it up. Hope you enjoyed my novel.

March 12, 2010

back from my slump

Man, it's been a while since I posted.  It's not because I've been busy... I really haven't been.  I could say it's because we've been pretty sick for a while too... but I don't think that's it either.  I think it's mostly because I just haven't felt like blogging.  So there ya go.

But I just took some CUTE pictures of Chico and wanted to share one of my favorites.  Oh he's so adorable.  This is a frame worthy picture for sure.  I'm pretty positive all the grandmas around are going to want a copy.

My mom's neighbor let me borrow these props (she's so nice!) and I did a baby photo shoot today.  So while all the equipment was out I seized the moment and took some of Chico. More to come once I've had a chance to edit them.  Hasta luego for now!