April 12, 2015

First tooth, Hugged by a toad, and Easter

While helping Chico finish up brushing his teeth one night I noticed a tooth growing in behind his other teeth!!!! That puppy was way back there so I called the dentist a few days later and got an appointment set up for him to see if they needed to pull the tooth in front of it.  Brent took him in and these are some of the texts I received from him after Chico consented to have laughing gas:
"It took a long time to teach him about medicines and drugs before he would give consent"
"It's actually really nice to see him holding still because he's been bounching off the walls ever since we got here"
"Laughing gas... We need to get some of it"
"He says he feels really nice"
""He says that it feels kind of like he's floating."
"He said, "that was FUN!"
"He said if Griz ever has this, I'll tell him don't worry. It just relaxes you.  I wish I could have it again"
"I told him that I never had it. He said "you should. It's amazing."

So there you have it, Chico's "amazing" experience of getting his baby tooth pulled.  I'm so sentimental.  Seeing that little baby tooth in the little treasure box almost made me tear up.  I remember the teething process in  getting that cute little tooth through my 12 month old guy.  His first tooth is gone and this giant monster of a tooth is growing in, a representation that he's growing up entirely too fast.

while we had the camera out Sanna and Griz got their pics taken too.  Messy pizza face!

I miss the sunsets from Utah.  I took this from our porch,  this was before the leaves got here and you could still see through the forest.  It's pretty too.

Brent and Griz found a toad in our parking lot the other day.  They brought it inside.  Griz and Brent were holding it and once Chico got the guts to do it, it would jump out of his hands every time. Until this one time it just latched onto his arm and wouldn't let go.  That totally made Chico's day and gave him back the confidence he was slowly loosing by not being able to hold the toad.  He got it back and felt so proud of himself that a toad was hugging his arm.

Sanna and I weren't too interested in holding it but it jumped on Sanna at one point and I had to hold it too for some reason. They're so slimy and gross feeling.  I've got to get over this fear of holding creepy little things.

Brent thinks the toad had more than just friendship in mind...

They were fighting over the toad and he'd had enough so he jumped out of their hands.  I caught it in action...

We eventually released it back into the wild down by the pond. It was fun though.

Easter Egg decorating. Thankfully Brent paused from studying for a minute so that he could help me and the kids. I was a bit outnumbered so it really helped that he could help me out. 

The kids and I watched conference and they were paying better attention than I thought they would.  During the opening prayer they said something about "healing in his wings" and Griz pops his head up and says, "Heavenly Father has wings!?"

Chico drew a few pictures that I just loved.  Here are two that I can find:
 Pres. Monson

and then a picture of the speakers with the choir behind and Jesus pictured above...

Easter morning...
She was excited at first
Then she just wanted to cuddle with dadda.

Chico was moving too fast finding eggs to get a good pic of him but here is a cute one of Griz...

 and they chowed down on candy for the rest of the day...

The kids were watching Brent's immunopharmacology video on youtube. For like half an hour.  I think they liked the fact that it had daddy's voice and that it was animated.

We've been doing a lot of online shopping lately (one of the side effects in living where we do) anyway, we get a lot of packages, the UPS guy probably thinks we need to get a new hobby. ;) Just kidding it's not that bad. But anyway, Griz made a tent out of this one and they just looked so cute...

Rockin her new shirt sent to her from her grandparent's after they got it on their cruise.

I've got to get the camera outside before it gets too late. Holy cow SPRING IS HERE! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Blossoms and green leaves are growing all around and the dead world has quite suddenly transformed into such a beautiful scene. I knew Tennessee was going to be beautiful. Moving in the middle of the winter makes it hard I think because you have to wait a few months to see it for how beautiful it truly is.  I'm in love with springtime in Tennessee.  Summer time can hold off for as long as possible thank you very much!

Brent and I went out on a wonderfully awesome date on our anniversary.  Sushi, a movie, and then shakes.   We haven't had that long of a date since we were in Utah and it was so much fun! He also got me flowers.  So grateful that our wedding anniversary is often right around conference and Easter. It's a wonderful time to remember the covenants and blessings promised to us when we were sealed in the Temple and the renewed desire to follow our Savior, the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Click here for a wonderful video about Him.