June 22, 2014


9 months old
I decided to get Sanna looking all girly one day and thought I better document it since it doesn't happen too often. Shoes and bows are not her fave...
this next pic looks more normal, a toy in her mouth is her kind of accessory.

We took the kids on one last skiing trip in May, Griz took this pic when Brent let him hold the camera, on the chair lift.  Yes, that is our nice camera that he was using.

The day before mother's day Brent took the kids shopping and then to the park.  He took pictures and video while he was there.  The video is a really sweet movie where he had the kids talk about mothers.  I loved it!

Then later that day we went to the dinosaur playground at City Creek and we had the camera with us.  We parked a few blocks away and took trax in on the free line and the kids loved it so much once again!

She loves playing there too now.

Griz sometimes avoids the camera, must be a phase, anyway, that is why there aren't as many of him...

Sanna likes attacking my face.  It isn't always the most pleasant experience...

Griz was playing spiderman with these cleaning gloves that he opened.  It was so funny looking.

 He is such a cutie.

Chico graduated from Kindergarten!!! This is him in his program...

 This was Sanna during most of the program...

 Look at this cute graduate, I can't believe how old he is.

I probably shouldn't keep pulling out the camera when they get muddy like this, it probably only encourages them.

Ever since our awesome backpacking trip a year and a half ago we have been dying to go again!!!  My pregnancy last summer stopped us but this year we were anxious to try it out.  So I donned a pack with Sanna in a carrier in the front...
And then Brent packed on the rest of everything.  That pack was probably close to 100 pounds.  He is amazing!!!!
 Anyway, we hiked about a mile and a half up the canyon (felt like 3) and we found such a great campsite next to the stream.
 Sanna was born to camp, she loved it.

 Chico decided to crash our selfie.  He is so cute.


This campsite was perfect for Sanna.  She was able to stand at these log benches and feel like such a big girl and she wasn't getting into the fire. :)

He didn't catch any fish but they sure had fun trying.

 On the hike back down in the morning we had fun playing some more on the rope swing (only got video of that, not pictures) and they also found some fun climbing places.  Griz got climbing so high that Brent had to scramble up there after him to make sure they were safe.  So remember how tall I am and then see how high above me they are.  It was crazy. It was such a fun backpacking trip.  We loved it!

Here are some more cell pics, Sanna was laughing so hard with Griz. I decided to photograph it to show her funny teeth.  3 were coming in on the top with one missing.