March 16, 2013


Well we have an announcement to make. Drumroll please....I am pregnant! I am almost 17 weeks along, due date is the end of August!
I guess I should give some back story about this, I've never really talked about it on this blog. We have had a strong desire to have our kids born close together, so after I finish nursing our babies (at about 9 months old) we have hoped to get pregnant right away. The Lord had other plans for us both times and this time especially I had no idea what a struggle it would be to get pregnant.  Not having a righteous desire being fulfilled can be so frustrating.  There were many times I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and helplessness.  I think I learned  a lot in the process and grew from this trial.

We felt strongly that we should fast together at the beginning of December about getting pregnant and have Brent give me a blessing. Not a blessing to heal me or whatever, just of comfort and guidance. The boys interrupted a lot of the blessing but they were reverent during the beginning. Brent felt prompted to tell me that I would have more children, the spirit was so strong and I knew it was true. The Lord wants me to understand his plan and draw closer to him at this time was the other message clear to me through the blessing. Then later that month we finally got the wonderful news of a positive pregnancy!

I've kept a journal throughout this pregnancy of things and how I've been feeling. Here are some of my favorite entries starting from when we first found out...

*** I woke up at 5:00 to take the test and then went and woke up Brent so we could watch the results together. He came in and we looked at the tester.
In my sleepy emotional state all I could see was the two thick lines. No plus sign. So what do I do? I storm out of the bathroom and fling myself onto the bed and start sobbing. 15 or 20 seconds later I hear Brent call from the bathroom, "Sarah? I think that this is either an invalid result or it's positive." I rushed back into the bathroom and realized that he was right!!! The line was so light I had totally missed it! And I hadn't realized that the thick line was facing the wrong way either! We were laughing and crying and so excited. We decided we should take one more test to make sure that it was positive, which it was and very clearly that time. I just had to take a picture of it because my reaction still makes me laugh so hard.
We have been in la la land. We just can't believe it's real! We have wanted this for SO long and it finally has happened!!!
The baby's due date is in August. Sooooo, I got the Christmas gift I was hoping for of getting pregnant (we found out a few days before Christmas) and I'll be getting a birthday present (my birthday is a few days after the due date) of a baby!!!
We haven't told Chico yet but Brent and Chico were talking and out of the blue Chico said, "Mommy has a baby in her tummy. And it's a boy baby! So we have to pick a name for him. How about... "Grizwald!" (he said his actual name, not his blog name)
"How about Chico!"
"I know! Little Foot!".
Yes, I think that's a good one, we shall name our son after a dinosaur on Land Before Time. It's either that or use a repeat name! lol

I feel so incredibly grateful to the Lord for this blessing. I don't know why this blessing came now but I am so grateful it did. 

***I don't remember being this sick with the other pregnancies so early on. Foods smell so weird now, even chocolate, my very best friend chocolate, makes me feel gaggy. Maybe it's because it's christmas time and I've been surrounded by it and that's why it's worse. Cinnamon stuff smells nasty too. I made 3 batches of muddy buddies as my neighbor gift and was so grossed out the whole time. It's a little bit of blessing in disguise I guess so that i don't eat as much. :) The grossness hits me at any time of the day frequently throughout the day. Hopefully my body gets used to being pregnant soon and I'll feel more like I did during my other pregnancies. I mean, I'm only 5 weeks along for goodness sake! Shouldn't be this bad yet should it!?

***Having two kids while pregnant is a lot harder. SOOOO grateful to be pregnant though!!!!! It's all worth it to have another baby, another member of our family. We can't wait! Only 34 more weeks! lol, that's forever!

***Saw my sweet little baby in an ultrasound yesterday. Saw the flicker of the heart beating and Dr. E said everything looked great.

***I  miss chocolate. I'm sick of this gross after-taste whenever I eat it. There are truffles just sitting in my cupboard that I can't even imagine sticking in my mouth. There was some chocolate ice cream in my freezer that is disgusting, so I threw it out (Brent isn't a choc ice cream fan either). I've always wanted to be 'allergic' to chocolate so I'd eat less, but I'm not so sure anymore.

***Brent and I got to see our baby today. It's a real live 2.5 inch long human in there! The baby was waving a bunch, he/she must have known we were peaking in. ;) Can't believe how big the baby already is. 2.5 inches seems so big!

***At almost 12 weeks along we took video of when we finally told the kids we're pregnant but video doesn't load well online from my camera so here is a screen shot of Chico's excitement. (excuse the poor cropping, I planted the camera on the desk so they didn't know we were recording because they act different when it's on and Chico had slid down from where he had been sitting and I didn't realize, at least we got his face in) Chico was doing this funny excited laugh in the back of his throat, with his eyes shut and he'd just tip back his head in total excitement. His arms would get into it too. Chico has always been so sweet to babies, he just LOVES babies. He would feel sad with me when I'd be crying about not being pregnant, he has such a tender heart. Griz was laughing with him and acted excited but he didn't know why we were all excited. :)

After we told the kids we had to tell the rest of the family and it just so happened that weekend we had two family parties so we'd be able to tell almost everyone all at once, and I had a sneaky plan of how to do it. First was with Brent's family. I was almost ready to chicken out but Brent knew how much I wanted to and so he grabbed the camera and got everyone to gather for a picture. It was really bad timing for various reasons but we assured everyone it would just be quick.  Then Brent put the camera on record without them knowing and said, "Okay, everyone say... Sarah's finally pregnant!"  everyone was really excited (everyone old enough to understand what was going on) and this is a screen shot of their reaction.


We told my family the next night.  I held the camera this time and I said, "Say cheese!" everyone cheesed and I pretended to take a picture. Then I looked at the camera and said, "No.. that wasn't very good, this time say, 'Sarah's Finally Pregnant!' " and here are the looks of excitement I got:


My siblings faces are my favorite.  :) Total shock and excitement! (My parents already knew but they look just as excited as everyone else.) Ellen is pregnant too so our babies are only going to be a couple months apart! This Davis family sure is growing fast!

*** I was in a lot of pain on Valentines day, we got home from our Valentine date around 6:00 and I started bawling as I realized I'd have to take care of the boys by myself. It didn't go well but my boys are so sweet and forgiving. I started sobbing about being a bad mom and Chico came running over to lay by me and comforted me and said, "I'm here now mommy, I'm here with you." then he put his arm out so I could lay on his shoulder and stayed that way for about 15 minutes. What a sweetheart.

*** Hunger. As food aversions seem to be slipping into a thing of the past it is being replaced by hunger.  Especially when I exercise.  Speaking of exercise, swimming has kicked my butt these last two mornings.  Nearly passed out in the shower both mornings after swimming laps these last two days.  Had a BAD headache during laps this morning, Christa (my work out buddy/sis-in-law) said I was probably dehydrated and I'm pretty sure she was right. I went to the drinking fountain and drank a bunch of water and it felt a little better. So strange. Guess I better keep a water bottle with me a little more now. And snacks. ;)
I was feeling ready to eat dinner at 2:30 today. I was dying by 4:30. Got some dominoes pizza and finally feel full after 5 slices. Hope it lasts at least an hour or two.

*** 15 weeks along we went in but our regular doctor wasn't there. The other doctor who was there let me do an ultrasound but she wasn't into it wholeheartedly. She thinks it might be a boy but she's not sure, it could have just been the umbilical cord she said and then she turned off the machine and was done. It was rather disappointing to not know for sure.  I think it's a boy too, but of course won't be sure until the ultra sound tech tells us so. :)
Oh, and as a nice side note, still haven't gained any weight. :)

*** Almost 17 weeks.  Getting a nice baby bump going on! Not been feeling great lately, maybe it's because I haven't been exercising. I want to try getting back into a routine, the pool closed for a lot of the week last week because of swim meets so I got out of the groove and haven't gone this week either. Gonna re-commit!