July 31, 2017

Chico's Birthday

 It was Chico's ninth birthday! He started out the day by opening an awesome Lego Batman set from his grandmas . It had scutler in it and it is his new puppy dog he said. Oh so cute! 
I can't believe how old he looks. My little boy is getting so old!!! I made him a Lego Batman cake and cupcakes, we had some friends from church over, grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs and had a really great time!

Loon Lake

Our friends the Allens invited us to come to Loon lake with them and a bunch of other families from the ward. We had been in Portland dropping off Taran at the airport so we were pretty late getting there anyway and then got that flat tire. So we missed most of the families but we were happy to get to spend time with the Allen's and Gordon's. They had a fun raft and kayak that the kids LOVED playing in!
When they weren't on in the water they were playing in the sand! 
Charlie even convinced me to get in the water. It's a good thing it was a warm day because that water was cold!
Thanks for inviting us Heather, always fun to sit and chat! Thanks for staying later than you planned too!

July 17, 2017

Wonder Woman

Sanna found our shin guards and was messing around with them. She was wearing this dress that I normally hate but when I looked at her I laughed out loud because she looked like Wonder Woman! So we put a headband on her and got her into character (though she hasn't even seen the movie yet, ha ha)

July 16, 2017

Sunset Beach

 Yesterday we wanted to take Taran to the beach to get IN the water this time. Sunset is a calmer beach (almost looks like a lake) and is a bit more protected from the wind because it is surrounded by cliff walls. When we gathering our gumption to go to the beach my friend texted us to say they were heading to the beach too! So we met up and sat and chatted while the kids played. 
Brent carried Taran all the way out into the water on his back which Taran loved and kept laughing about how cold his feet were. 
I neglected to get the camera out until the end so there aren't very many. Guess I was having too good of a time talking!

Griz loved the gross green sea weed type of stuff.

Ocean Fun in Bandon

 We had thought about taking the kids and Taran to San Fransisco for our last week of no work.  We couldn't make it work affordably so we decided to stick at home and enjoy the beauty right here in our own neighborhood.  We spent one of our days down in Bandon.  Just love the view down there.  The rocks are so interesting!  Who needs a crowded busy city when you've got this, right!?

We were focused on Taran when all the sudden we looked up and Griz was at the top of a really high cliff.  The picture below doesn't show how high he was, it was high enough that it made our hearts stop a bit. We both kept calm and encouraged him back down.  I was really surprised he didn't freak out, he has recently had some fears of heights but luckily he kept his head! 

Sanna was barefoot trying to get really high too.  We stopped her luckily before she had gotten too far.  They had a lot of fun playing on these rocks.

This next pic of Sanna cracks me up.  I can see this look of fear on her face, I think she got caught by surprise by a wave coming in.  It was so funny.

 It's hard for Taran to walk on the beach so luckily Brent obliged him with quite a few piggy back rides.
 In fact he gave him a piggy back ride all the way up ALL of those stairs...