October 24, 2014

Peek-a-boo and Spooky Slot Canyons

Beautiful Fall Weather + Time off of work = Camping time!!!! We had trouble deciding where to go but finally settled on Escalante's awesome slot canyons, Peek-a-boo and Spooky. We were so excited to finally get back to these slot canyons after almost 5 years! This time with our awesome rock climbin boys!  It was not as easy as we remembered/anticipated. But with my amazing husband with super human strength he got us all through it!
Enjoy the many beautiful views of the slot canyons that we did our best to capture while hiking through them with three small children...

And these are the last pics you see of Griz because he kept getting ahead of us and scaring his poor parents half to death.

 At one point Brent had to lower all the kids down to me over a 12 foot ledge.  It was pretty comical/scary/painful when Brent lowered Chico (the 6 year old) down to me. He was kinda freaking out and he somehow managed to wrap his legs and arms around my head like a drowning person except of course we weren't in water and I thought I was going to break in half from his weight all concentrated right there in that one spot while I was on tiptoe trying not to fall over in a rocky cavern!  Sanna was the last one to be lowered down in her pack and she didn't get hurt, there was no problems with it but that's when she lost it and wouldn't stop crying for the next half hour until we were done.  She didn't like the enclosed space, AT ALL and she was probably confused what in the heck we were doing here in the first place!!!  Well, even though she didn't like it, the rest of us sure did!

Can you see Sanna squished in there by my legs in the pic below?

Once we were out of the slot canyons the boys were "rock climbing" aka scurrying up steep rock ledges as high as they could go.

We met some really nice people and were chatting with them outside of the canyon. Firstly apologizing for Sanna's crying throughout nearly the whole second canyon.  We all helped each other take pictures with our own camera's and now we have a fun family picture of us on vacation! I'm so grateful!

Back at camp:
(First day)
We like dispersed camping so it was really fun to be in the desert.  We sent the boys out to gather cow pies so we could have a fire that night.  They were so funny about gathering them, they had no problems with it. They knew it was dried poop but that didn't seem to bother them at all.

Day 2 (after our hikes at the slot canyons)

Day 3 at camp...
I had been up with Sanna quite a bit throughout the night and she was not going back to bed around 6:00 in the morning so I asked Brent if he could take a turn with her.  He was my total hero and took her out of the tent so I could get some sleep.  While he was out there with her he saw the beautiful sunrise and took some gorgeous pictures...

I finally joined them a little later and took a pic of my handsome hero hubby holding our handful.

Yeah, Chico, shake that booty.

Sanna finds ways to entertain herself and she climbed into the car and started drawing.  It's so weird that she already draws, I didn't know 14 month olds could even hold a pencil like that.

Chico was a huge helper in packing up to leave. He's getting so grown up.

On the drive home we saw a beautiful looking hike right off the side of the highway outside of Bryce Canyon.  It's part of the park but it's in a part that's free. It was the perfect length for us that day with beautiful scenery along the way and a waterfall at the end.

We're all smiling at the camera!

LOVE these pictures.  I might just have to frame them.

After I took this pic of Chico, he took one of me:

I was praising about Chico's awesome picture taking skills so of course Griz wanted a turn and he took these next two (and a whole bunch of others that are of the ground and this and that)

Gotta love our Grizzly Bear

I never knew how beautiful Southern Utah was in the fall.  I loved every minute of this trip!