April 30, 2016

February March and April

Life has been pretty good.  Kinda busy but still good.  Brent is enjoying rotations. Anything is better than last year, lol

These last few weeks I've been really focusing on getting a painting done before we go out to Utah at the end of the month to visit because I'm giving it to my mom.  It's a large painting so I'd rather not mail it.... and i want to see her reaction. :)  Luckily Sanna loves to paint with me.  Unluckily the house doesn't clean itself.  Nor does the laundry fold itself... Guess it's time to put my little minions to work!
Sanna and I are home alone for a lot of the day and since I've been painting so much she has to entertain herself a bit. Every two hours I stop to take a picture of the painting and sometimes I have to stop and take a pic of her cuteness.  My instagram shows some of her really awesome paintings she has done while we paint together.

Chico has been on a baking stint. He loves trying to make things from his own recipes. They don't always turn out great, these cookies weren't too bad though! 

Always love it when Brent is able to join us for fun things like easter egg decorating! He documents it so well and I get to concentrate on having fun decorating the eggs with the kids!

So sweet when she's crying.

She loves when I draw her, so I drew this for one of her eggs...

and so naturally I had to draw one of Griz...

 they even got to sneak and eat a few that day...

Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday Morning...

 it was nice having a yard again to do the hug hunt in. I love our yard!

Who needs easter baskets anyway right? Heh heh, yeah forgot that detail this year. :) Brent got oranges and strawberries instead of a bunch of candy. We did get one little package of reeses pieces for each of them though. 

And some more pictures of the kids trying to be with me while I'm painting. They set up a nice comfy spot by the warm sliding glass door and were chillaxing.

Thank goodness the kids were such good sports about me getting the painting done. I spent over 80 hours on the painting. Definitely at least half or three quarters of that time was while they were awake.  Thank you kids for being wonderful models for the painting and letting me finish it in time for the trip!

That's my painting set up. She got up on my stool when I was taking a picture of the painting.

Not exactly sure where she learned push-ups I haven't done any in several months, lol.

3/11/16 Griz lost his first tooth! Chico is holding it in the pic above. He was pretty excited for his bro.

This cute Grizzly Bear is always keeping us laughing. The other day he said the prayer for dinner and halfway through he stops and says, "and now I'll say it in Spanish"...and starts babbling in some made up Spanish. Brent was annoyed because he thought Griz was trying to be silly so he opened his eyes and turned to remind him not to be silly while praying but discovered Griz had the most intense concentration on his face. So we just sat and silently laughed (maybe not as silent as we should have been actually). As soon as he finished (he had to tell us he was done by saying "that was amen in Spanish") and Chico reaches for his fork shaking his head and said under his breath "super weird". Love these silly kids. And I think it's time to start teaching Griz Spanish.

Well, I feel like a lot more happened in this 3 month time period than I have documented. But with this account and Instagram combined it's pretty accurate I guess! Brent did two family practice rotations and a pediatrics rotation.  He really enjoyed his first rotation at a rural family practice clinic the most. His preceptor was awesome and he loved the small town feel.  It was a great way to start out the year.