July 9, 2017

"Did you see that lake today? Talk about blue"

Crater Lake, a really pretty lake... we wish we had known the trails throughout the perimeter of the lake were all closed due to huge volumes of snow.  I guess they don't open it up until sometime in July... wish we had waited to go on that long drive to see it until then.  Oh well!  Still gorgeous! 

And boy did the kids (and Brent) have fun playing in the snow! I have a video of him sliding down on his chest with Sanna on his back.  It was hilarious.

Brent wanted to take pictures later when the sun was setting so we decided to go get a bite to eat and maybe see Klamath Falls. We figured there must be some pretty cool falls for it to be called Klamath Falls.  It was a little further than we anticipated and... yeah, there were no falls.   They really should think about changing the name of their town to just Klamath.  At least we got to eat at a really good pizza place which also took longer than we anticipated.  We weren't sure we'd make it back in time for any good pictures of Crater Lake at sunset.  Brent did a pretty good job I think despite us being about 15 minutes later than we really would have liked....

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