July 9, 2017

Backpacking on the Hoh Rainforest Trail

Best Backpacking trip to date!

10 miles round trip on the Hoh Rainforest Trail.  Our kids are officially hardcore.
 Chico carried his pack almost the whole time! Griz took it for probably half a mile, other than that Chico carried it without complaint!

Look at this little lady in the picture above.  This is how she hiked for the first 3 miles. She was one fast chica.  She was bound and determined to get there before her brothers.  Once we made it 3 miles the kids decided they didn't want to stop after all and that they could make it to the next tent site at mile marker 5.  Sanna was all for it... for about a quarter of a mile and then she seemed to hit a wall.  The last mile or so I had to carry her on my shoulders.  But hey, I'm totally impressed she made it as far as she did as fast as she did!

She "needed to gather sticks for our campfire"... yeah that was like 3 miles before we got there. Luckily Brent was able to get her to ditch them.

 Some of these trees were seriously huge.  I think some of them were Redwoods.

When we finally got camp set up I made the kids some Knorr rice.  They gobbled it up so fast.  I don't think I've ever seen them enjoy a meal so much. Ha ha, never had so many compliments on a meal.

 The view from our camping area down by the river was so awesome.

Lookin pretty legit in her jammies.

Brent spent a lot of the evening down by the river photographing this gorgeous scene...
couldn't decide which one we liked more.

The night went pretty well beside Brent's pad not staying inflated.  We didn't need the rain fly on.  This rain forest was actually quite dry when we were there!

Our twins eating their oatmeal in the morning...

Is this a cool picture or what?

 And this next picture... oh my gosh, it just kills me every time I see it. Sanna had to strip down to the buff to use the "facilities". She looks like a ferrel child.  I can't get over how hilarious it is...

Our ferrel child looks pretty good when she gets a little cleaned up...  and she looks OLD!

 And here we are starting back down the trail.  Wished we had known how wonderful it was ahead of time so we could have left a day earlier and brought enough stuff to stay two nights.  It was such a blast!

Griz requested this shot...

 This good man snuck extra stuff into his pack for the hike down to make it lighter for me.  When I said something about it being lighter he said, "That's just because we ate all of our food".  I stupidly believed him.  I didn't find out until we got to the car how much his pack weighed.

Griz took these next two pics.

Griz just fell randomly on the middle of the trail.  I saw it happen and it was super weird.  Anyway, he was screaming out in immense pain. Turned out when he fell it tore off his scab and it started bleeding like crazy.  His good daddy took good care of him though.

For about a mile or two this was Brent's view.  Sanna enjoyed pulling Brent by a strap on his backpack.
 This little lady hiked probably a total of 8 miles in two days.  Pretty impressive.

This next picture is of me proving how strong I am.  I definitely couldn't hike 5 miles with Brent's pack... but I DID lift it up by myself and put it on my back! Brent didn't even think I could do it.  Boom baby!  I mean, I DID carry my pack and Savannah on my shoulders for almost 2 miles.

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