July 16, 2017

Ocean Fun in Bandon

 We had thought about taking the kids and Taran to San Fransisco for our last week of no work.  We couldn't make it work affordably so we decided to stick at home and enjoy the beauty right here in our own neighborhood.  We spent one of our days down in Bandon.  Just love the view down there.  The rocks are so interesting!  Who needs a crowded busy city when you've got this, right!?

We were focused on Taran when all the sudden we looked up and Griz was at the top of a really high cliff.  The picture below doesn't show how high he was, it was high enough that it made our hearts stop a bit. We both kept calm and encouraged him back down.  I was really surprised he didn't freak out, he has recently had some fears of heights but luckily he kept his head! 

Sanna was barefoot trying to get really high too.  We stopped her luckily before she had gotten too far.  They had a lot of fun playing on these rocks.

This next pic of Sanna cracks me up.  I can see this look of fear on her face, I think she got caught by surprise by a wave coming in.  It was so funny.

 It's hard for Taran to walk on the beach so luckily Brent obliged him with quite a few piggy back rides.
 In fact he gave him a piggy back ride all the way up ALL of those stairs...

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