April 8, 2013

Today we found out the gender of our next baby! The ultrasound very clearly indicated we are having a girl! It's a good thing it was so clear because if it hadn't been SO definitively a girl I wouldn't have believed it. I was SURE it was a boy. But sure enough there is a baby GIRL growing inside me! I can't believe we're going to have a daughter!
A minute or two after the ultra sound tech told us the gender she stopped and asked me if I was okay.  I laughed not realizing my shock was noticeable and said, yeah, I just am in shock that it's a girl! 
Chico wanted a baby sister and prayed for it to be a girl. Isn't that sweet!? 
Alrighty August, here we come! Let's get this baby here!

Here are two cell phone pics of us picking out her outfit at the store right after we found out. We texted the family "It's a girl!!!" with the image on the right.

 photo imagejpeg_2.jpg  photo imagejpeg_21.jpg

With all of this excitement of it being a girl it seems as if Grizwald has finally figured out that this baby we keep talking about in my belly isn't HIM.  Helps that it's a girl baby and having the outfit helped too.  I realized he finally got it when he saw the outfit hanging up in my closet with my shirts. He saw it there and pointed at it and said, "no". I pulled it down for him and he lifted up my shirt so he could try to put it on the baby. :)  He seems to be okay with a baby coming for now, we'll see how he feels when she comes.

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