April 26, 2013

I was going through my photos and realized that there were a few more keepers to post!
When I was getting the lighting set up for our announcement pictures the boys were posing for me. This first one is SO funny, he does the weirdest poses for me sometimes.
 photo IMG_6260.jpg

These are just so sweet of Griz, I love them!
 photo IMG_6263.jpg  photo IMG_6265.jpg

Then while Brent was taking the pictures Griz jumped out from the side trying to make me laugh and Brent caught it in the side of the picture. It is so dang cute!
 photo IMG_6280.jpg

Brent took a few of me without me holding the dress as well.
 photo IMG_6289.jpg  photo IMG_6292.jpg

Brent sometimes will study here at home and it's hard for the kids to resist cuddling up next to him.  One time I just had to grab the camera and capture how cutely Griz had cuddled up to him.
 photo IMG_6294.jpg  photo IMG_6295.jpg

Then he decided to blow raspberries at me instead. Silly goose.
 photo IMG_6296.jpg

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