May 8, 2013

Such a fun weekend!!!

Brent had his Bio-Chem final on a Wednesday and so Thursday through Saturday we made sure to party to celebrate the end of the semester.
Thursday we meant to take the boys to the Aerospace Museum but I didn't realize it would already be closed when we got there so we took them to Castle Park in Kaysville instead.  They don't remember having gone there so it was a fun new experience for them.  Brent and the boys discovered that you could hike down into a swampy stream area and I joined them soon after. They were looking for dinosaur bones. It was so cute to see their imagination at work as they'd pick something up and talk about what dinosaur bone it was.  Then they discovered how much fun the mud was to play with and that's when we pulled out the camera. 
 photo IMG_6317.jpg  photo IMG_6325.jpg  photo IMG_6338.jpg  photo IMG_6330-1.jpg  photo IMG_6339-1.jpg  photo IMG_6341-1.jpg  photo IMG_6342-1.jpg  photo IMG_6359.jpg  photo IMG_6364.jpg

All the sudden they remembered there was a whole big playground waiting to be played in so they trucked back up the hill and started playing, yes, still covered in mud.
 photo IMG_6376.jpg

Griz is "helping" Chico get onto those monkey bars.
 photo IMG_6381.jpg  photo IMG_6387.jpg  photo IMG_6391.jpg  photo IMG_6392.jpg

Chico loves the monkey bars now. There is a Wild Kratts about Spider Monkeys, they teach about how swinging arm over arm (like on the monkey bars) is called "brachiating". So the other day we were getting in the car to go to the park and Chico said, "I want to go to the park with the monkey bars so I can practice brachiating!"  Our crazy smart 4 year old is always rattling off information that I didn't know.  Thank goodness for GOOD public television that teaches them.  Wish our shows were that educational when I was a kid, maybe I'd know a little more. :)
 photo IMG_6396.jpg  photo IMG_6405.jpg  photo IMG_6416.jpg  photo IMG_6419-1.jpg  photo IMG_6430.jpg  photo IMG_6468.jpg

Friday afternoon we went skiing with the boys to Snowbird. After one or two times down the mountain the boys got their skiing legs back and did an awesome job the rest of the time we were there.  Chico can still ski amazingly well without any help.  He even successfully attempted skiing backwards because he wanted to learn how!  He is ready for a helmet and polls and some harder runs next year, we can't wait!
 photo IMG_6504.jpg  photo IMG_6517.jpg  photo IMG_6540.jpg  photo IMG_6546.jpg  photo IMG_6551.jpg  photo IMG_6555.jpg  photo IMG_6558.jpg  photo IMG_6603.jpg  photo IMG_6616.jpg  photo IMG_6634.jpg  photo IMG_6635.jpg  photo IMG_6640-1.jpg  photo IMG_6653.jpg Grizwald is 2 years old. Last time we went skiing a few months ago he started protesting about our help (guiding him with the pole hooked to his skis). He wanted to do it alone! This time was the same way, so we decided to just let him do it on his own while one of us skied right next to him. He fell a lot at first but within a run or two he was skiing without falling much on his own accord with just a little orange bungie holding his skis together. We were amazed! Skiing as a family is SO much fun.  I hope we can do it a bunch next season.
Saturday morning Brent was itching to go skiing again. We felt like it would be the last opportunity this season so I dragged myself up and we went skiing again. It was even warmer on Saturday, I didn't even wear a coat! We wish we had brought the camera again.  Oh man, it was such a fun day, the boys continued to do amazingly well. In fact, a man in the lift line was asking Brent about how long Griz had been off the harness, Brent told him he never was on the harness and just uses this bungie.  Well Griz was apparently listening to this conversation and as soon as they sat down in the lift chair Griz pointed at the bungie and said, "Off". (Well he actually said "on" but that actually means off, we're still working on that, But Brent knew what he meant)  So Brent took it off.  Grizwald's skis crossed a bunch at first and he fell a lot. But after a couple runs he was skiing like a pro without ANY help at all.  Brent is totally shocked about this. Back when he was a ski instructor they didn't even teach 2 year olds, and here is our two year old skiing all by himself!  We are thinking he might even get to go on some of the harder runs by the end of next season if he keeps up his amazing progress.  He is SO independent and he wants to do whatever Chico does. In fact that week at church he wouldn't go to nursery, he wanted to go to Chico's class. Chico's teacher was alone that day and she said Griz could stay if I did. So there was Griz, in CTR 4, sitting on his chair, listening to the lesson, wanting to participate. It was so funny.
Anyway back to Saturday, that evening we took the boys to a movie, "The Croods". It's fun going to the movie theater with them. It was a pretty good movie too. There was a scene that made Brent laugh for like 5 minutes straight which is always fun for me to watch when he laughs like that.
Sigh, SUCH a good weekend. Wish weekends could always be this much fun!

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