September 7, 2014

Griz's First Day of Preschool!

Griz was SO excited for his first day of preschool.  He was so ready, he's been ready for a long time in fact.  He was so cute about getting his picture taken too. I can't believe how old he is.  Love this sweet boy.

On Labor Day I took the kids swimming but we had to call it a day after just an hour because Sanna had a fever, it was so weird.  Her whole body was cold from the water but her head was burning up. I felt so bad for her. The rest of the week wasn't too great besides the first day of pre school was on Wednesday.  That day I also photographed a wedding all day.  
Thursday night Brent had the idea to take us to Kangaroo Zoo. It was fun, the kids were in Heaven when they walked in the door.
On Friday morning Brent had a surgery to repair an inguinal hernia and the rest of the weekend has been misery. But he's making lemonade out of his lemons:)

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