April 24, 2010


The Primary President in our ward is SO creative and always has the coolest ideas.  She was scheduled to teach about Joseph Smith's first vision.  So she got a bunch of stuff together and created this set up in the room that looks a lot like the painting of Joseph reading the Bible in his bedroom as a young teenager. (Joseph read the scripture, James 1:5-6 which says that if you lack wisdom to ask God in faith and He will answer your prayers.  That led to him going out into the woods and praying. When he did he was visited by God and Jesus Christ.  For more information about what we believe click the picture of the temple on my sidebar.)
She wanted each of our primary kids to be able to have a chance to come up and sit in the rocking chair in that scene and hold a bible that was opened to that scripture.  She asked me to photograph each of the kids so that we can put it in their yearly primary journal. This one was my favorite of all the primary kids because it reminds me that Joseph was a young man, only 14, and he was able to know for himself...

Then when Chico got out of nursery I set him on the rocker with a picture of Jesus on his lap because the Bible was a bit too antique and hefty for him. :)  Did I mention that Chico can say "Jesus"?  One of the few words he knows, I think it is so sweet.


smernda said...

Great job Sarah! I'm excited to see the kids' reactions tomorrow.

Emily said...

Love love LOVE the picture of Chico!! Its no wonder your son is so adorable, with two such adorable parents!

Anonymous said...

chico looks so cute in this chair!