April 16, 2010

and a few more easter egg hunts...

Well, Brent's mom wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt with the grandkids.  So Brent's mom and her awesome fiance boiled a ton of eggs and hid them all over the yard.  Chico wasn't as in to it this time.  He was sick and probably having fun watching all the other kids.  Thankfully he had some cute cousins that helped him (and a cute cousin who couldn't help but take the egg out from under him which made me laugh so hard!)




Then the next week my mom wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt with her grandkids because my brother had his kids the week after Easter. So Chico tagged a long for this one too and he was like, "Easter Eggs? Pssh, that was so last week.  Let's play in the yard instead!"  So that's what he did while the others loaded their baskets full.

I don't think he minded a bit that he only had a couple eggs. :)

In other news...
Brent and Chico are planting us a garden and totally making our yard nicer!
That's my awesome grandpa whom Chico adores.

Well Brent's actually out working on the yard right now while I'm being lazy and blogging so I better get off my tush and do the dishes or something domestic-like. :)

p.s. We might find out what we're having on Monday!!!  I'm so nervous, keep your fingers crossed that baby won't be keeping it's legs crossed! :)


Cleverly Triple said...

LOL! I love chico's smile in that picture with his cousins...he's gonna be a heartbreaker!

Anonymous said...

i loved going to grandmas house and looking for easter eggs! it sure looks like kelly and chico had a good time!