April 21, 2010

Wahoo for the Zoo! (and the aquarium and pool and our anniversary too...)

To start out I should blog about our 3rd Anniversary that we celebrated recently!

The day of we went to a local Italian restaurant and enjoyed a nice cozy dinner being the only patrons there at the time.  Then we drove up to the Temple and did some Sealings.  It felt good to do that as a celebration of the fact that we were sealed to each other for all eternity 3 years ago.  As a tradition I order a cake from the local bakery but this year we thought I should try to make one instead. Brent loved it, but I'm not going to lie, I think the bakery does a better job. :)  Brent ordered me flowers.  I LOVED this arrangement.  One of the prettiest he's ordered so far I think.
3 happy years!

Well last week a friend from High School and I went to the zoo and then the next day to the aquarium.  She has been cooped up all winter with her triplets so she was very anxious to go do some fun things.  And indeed they were fun!  I didn't take pictures at the aquarium because I figured I'll be visiting it a lot in the next year (I bought a pass because it's only $20 to buy a pass for a year!!! Way good deal.  And Chico is free) The zoo was fun and I did take the camera!  We had such a fun time.
I won't include all the pics I took of the animals. Just some of Chico...

This was my view of Chico most of the time.  He didn't look back at me much, he was fascinated by the animals!

We left the stroller outside of one of the indoor things and he had fun getting up next to the glass and looking at the animals.

(and  yes, even a really nice camera can take crappy pictures if not set to the right settings but it's just so cute of Chico even though it's blurry) :)

And then today we went to the pool and he was SO happy the whole time.  He was being very independent and didn't want much help.  He didn't cry at all and even though he was freezing he was having a blast.  Can't wait until this summer when we can swim outdoors!

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Anonymous said...

did you guys go to the hogle zoo because the animals look like the ones at hogle zoo