April 28, 2010

cuter every day

We were playing with Great Grandma and she had these frames that the lenses fell out of.  Chico loves wearing them, he must know that he looks absolutely adorable.
Chico is such a ham for the camera. If I tell him to smile he'll smile such a big cheesy grin... then again he does that when the camera isn't around too. He's just a happy kid if he's got someone to play with.
The other day we walked down to the library to return some books and get some new ones.  There were a lot of other kids there at the time.  Chico seemed to want to play with them but then one of the little boys, about his age or older, came and took my hand and was signaling for me to come with him and pick another book.  I was looking around for the parent and the dad came walking up and said, "I guess you're fill-in mom today."  I laughed and looked down and Chico was up in the boy's face saying, "Don't!" while trying to ward of the boy with the library book he was holding.  I was really surprised by his reaction, hopefully he's not like that to his little brother when he comes.  It's gonna be a big transition though, I can already tell.
Speaking of Chico saying "don't"... it's his new favorite word. And the funniest thing is (though it's kind of annoying too) is that he says it like a teenager.  I promise he didn't learn it from me! ;)


Anonymous said...

hey sarah,
this is charity. I just read this post and i think it is funny.


horrocks_love said...

Aria's favorite word is don't as well, and she says it like a teenager. Chico may surprise you with how well he handles the new baby, Ari surprised us.