April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting!

Even though Chico is still pretty young, I decided to try decorating eggs and doing an easter egg hunt with him this year. We decorated eggs, he helped color on some of them with crayons then we would dye them for him. It went pretty well and I'm glad we did it! I wanted to take a picture after we finished and I said, "Hey guys, smile for the camera!" Brent leaned forward and Chico put his arm around Brent's neck and brought his face in close to his and smiled real big. It was so cute, Brent and I were laughing pretty hard. Photobucket
Then we decided to do a family one, this is the best one. Sadly, Chico's face is out of focus because he is too close to the camera but I love his shy smile so I had to keep it!
And these are our "beaUtiful" eggs!

The next morning I woke up early and hid the eggs.  Then we got Chico dressed and had Brent help him search for the eggs.  I love these pictures below because they totally show the progression of Chico being unsure and then totally getting into it. 

Then we "bowbro" the eggs (that's Chico's word for broke) . And whipped up some "Golden Rod Eggs".  My favorito tradition for Easter was eating this breakfast. I think he liked them too. :)
After breakfast I gave him his easter basket.  First thing he did was try and eat the mini snickers... with the wrapper on.  Silly kid!

Easter was wonderful, Conference was wonderful, it was just a wonderful weekend!


Cleverly Triple said...

SO cute! looks like a great easter! i love how much chico seems to be enjoying it!
we were horrible this year and didn't do much. didn't have an easter egg hunt for bri. just dyed a few eggs and gave her a basket full of candy. :)
i have high hopes for next year. :)

Davis Family said...

Chico is SO darn cute! Man, that smile just melts your heart. You guys are so awesome to make it fun for him. We didn't dye any eggs at all...I'm a bit afraid of the possible mess. :) Looks like you all had a great time!

Emily said...

Love Chico's face in the egg hunt! So so cute!