June 7, 2010

Day 7... Awesome Arches National Park

Been wondering when I'd get around to finish posting about the trip? Yeah, I've been really busy with photography. Check out the photography blog and see our awesome pics from the wedding we just did. We LOVE our new lens! ANYWAY.... on to other awesomeness... 

We went to Arches and decided to hike Landscape Arch first so we'd be sure to fit it in. Normally this hike wouldn't have been so bad for me (just 3 miles round trip) but my allergies flared up majorly in Moab and I had a hard time breathing on the way up. Slowly and surely we made it to the top and oh boy was it worth it as you round the bend and see this...
It's even better in person if you can believe it. We stayed up there for a while enjoying it's beauty. We had a guy take a picture with our camera after we got the settings all set for him. We're really pleased with it! Don't you just love Brent's scruff, lol!
Wouldn't it have been cool if we could say Brent made this cairn? 

We hiked back down and then drove up the hill to Devil's Garden so we could hike Double O Arch. We got there and found out it was a 7 mile round trip hike but that you could do a shorter hike and still see some cool arches. We decided to just start it and see how I felt. I didn't feel great as we began but as we kept hiking I got more and more energy. I'm so grateful for that because it was the coolest hike! There were amazing things to see the whole way up!!! And yes, I made it the whole way up! Here are the pictures from Devil's Garden: Photobucket (the view as you arrive in the parking area) 


Delicate Arch... longest arch in the world!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket 

You have to walk along the fins during parts of the hike, it didn't feel too dangerous at the time...
Photobucket Photobucket 

Double O Arch! (the second arch is harder to see but it's just right underneath it)

Some of the fins were as big as a Cruise Ship!!!
Photobucket Photobucket
After we finished hiking we drove Brent back down to Landscape Arch so he could hike it again. It was better lighting and oh boy was it worth it... Photobucket 
AND he went against my direct wishes and hiked down into the bowl. He assured me it was perfectly safe... and yeah I guess it makes for a pretty cool picture. Photobucket While he was hiking I drove quickly back to camp and started the dutch oven cooking some spaghetti. Then I drove back up and got him and we met up just fine and he was safe and I didn't need to worry. :) Here are some pictures on our drive through arches from off the side of the road: Photobucket The following names are made up by us... 
Patty Cake: Photobucket Sphinx: Photobucket 
Egypt: Photobucket
Back at camp... the Spaghetti didn't work out all that well. I think we went into town that night to get some ice cream for dessert. We were both pretty tired from so much hiking in one day. We all slept great that night!


Jane said...

These pictures are fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think these pictures are so cool.
I think you are a great photagrapher!