July 11, 2010

Sarah, like you've never seen her before

So, Sarah didn't want to post pictures of herself, but I have such a HOTTIE wife, I couldn't help it.
No, these pictures are not juiced. ("Juicing" was the term coined by the  guys at my office to mean Photo-editing. "Juicing" refers to the sports industry where athletes sometimes use performance enhancing substances to give themselves an unfair advantage over their competitors. Really, my buddies at work are just jealous because they think it's unfair to use Photoshop in the company photo contest.) Sometimes my pictures are called "cartoons" at work. That makes me bust up so hard. I love it.
Sorry, guys. These pictures are not cartoons. The first three or four are right out of the camera.

These pictures are taken in the road in front of our house. We're experimenting with a new lighting technique. This type of lighting makes the details POP out with vivid color and rich contrast. I love how the light wraps around the subject more naturally. For me, it really reduces some of the frustrating "That doesn't look like it did when I took the picture!" feelings.


WOW...don't you agree?

Even though Sarah was just goofing around I think Sarah has some hidden modeling abilities. She looks professional. She's really natural in front of the lens. She makes it sooo fun to take pictures...and she's uber photogenic!


This next one is from the first day when we tried it out.  Chico wasn't very enthusiastic about participating.

These last three are just some test shots before a bridal shoot, but Sarah still looks amazing. Sorry everyone, she's TAKEN.

It was so fun to finally be taking pictures of my wife. Photobucket Sarah at 27 weeks... Photobucket
Let me know what you think, please


horrocks_love said...

I lOVE them Brent! I love the first couple with the bright yellows! And you do have a gorgeous wife. :)

Christa said...

That is just so cool!!!! I have to admit that you guys make it harder for me to enjoy the pictures I take. It's okay though. I'm just jealous. Pretty cool though!!! I wouldn't mind if you wanted to play around some more with this on my family :) After your busy month and empty month are over of course :) Thanks for all the fun this last week and a half, you guys are so fun to be with and such good friends!! Awesome pictures!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
I also agree that you are a great modeler even if you are not trying to be one!

Jonathan, Emily, Jack, and Scarlett said...

Sarah, you are SO beautiful. WOW! You guys are so talented.