June 23, 2013

playing outside and our new cousin!

 The boys love playing outside in their pool.  Chico finally even has some swimming shorts that fit him finally! Yay! On this particular day they took charge and made it happen, even though the pool was upside down... It somehow filled with water from us running the sprinklers. They didn't care though!

We have a new nephew on my side of the family. I couldn't make it to the hospital to visit but they came over to our house the day after they got home and we got to meet this cute little guy.  I went upstairs while my grandma was holding him and I looked at him for a minute then went downstairs to get Brent. When I started telling him to come up and see the baby I started sobbing and couldn't stop for a few minutes. Pregnancy hormones could have been playing into it, I was just so overcome by his perfectness and his size and felt so grateful for our own precious one that is causing me so much discomfort right now. Every time I hold him it helps remind me that it is worth it.

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