July 18, 2013

Muddy Boys

I challenge you to find two kids that can get as muddy as these two manage to get themselves. And they love every minute of it!
Brent took these pictures while I wasn't home, so if there are any funny stories behind the pictures he'll have to edit this post and insert them. In the meantime, enjoy the muddiness!

I love these kids

"This tastes better than it looks. Really!"

"...never mind..."

"second thought, it's kinda cool."

BRENT: Note length of grass in background. I believe it was actually a couple months and feet past this point before I finally mowed it the other day. 

"Look at this beautiful, beautiful bum"

This is why he is called Griz...

Griz The Great?

I liked the texture in the next shot

...And the next one...

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