September 9, 2013


It is still surreal to me that we have 3 kids! These boys love their sister so much, it is so much fun to watch!

Sanna has grown a ton this last week, she is really starting to fill out. Her skinny arms and legs aren't so skinny anymore and she has even gotten a little longer.  It seriously seemed like it happened over night. I was feeding her the other night at like 4 in the morning and she just looked so much bigger all the sudden, it was so weird!

I love the way she grunts, I will miss it when that goes away, even though it wakes me up in the middle of the night.  I love the way she looks around with wide eyes when she's awake, she just seems to be taking it all in.  My favorite thing that makes me laugh every time is the way she roots.  She has a really strong neck so she will just root around this way and that looking for something to get inserted into her mouth!

She smiles in her sleep all the time! It is so sweet, I can't wait until those smiles are in response to our smiles. She smiled with her eyes open today at church in the mother's lounge, it made a rough day at church feel a little better.
She looks a lot like Chico looked as a baby, her sleeping/eating habits even remind us of him a bit.  We are thinking she might turn blonde like him too because she has the blonde eyebrows.  We shall see!

Still need a studio picture of Brent with Sanna but here are these for now...

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