October 10, 2013

September and October

September was a fun month filled with new adventures of having a family of 5.  I am adjusting all right I guess.  I mean I might be going slightly crazy, like trying to give the baby the sippy cup that Griz had just asked for ('why won't she reach out and grab it from me? oh yeah, wrong kid') or trying to put a size one diaper on a 3 year old ('what is wrong with this diaper!? oh yeah, wrong kid') repeat again a few days later and laugh at yourself for your brain deadedness. But for the most part it's okay. :)

Early in September Chico planned a little picnic on Sunday morning and brought all of this food out onto the porch. It was kind of rainy outside but still warm hence why they sat on the porch and not out on the grass. Love it.

I inherited an iphone from my sis and I've been having a lot of fun with the camera on there.  I'm not used to taking pictures with a cell phone so they definitely aren't the best but they help document the every day life that I don't do very well documenting with our 5D.
 The cool kids at the park...
 We went to story time at the library and we read about pirates that day, so we went home and he made up this costume as his pirate outfit.

 Griz found this headband at the park and put it on himself like this. Totally awesome dude!

 I love this little lady!

This is me holding the baby next to our house drawn by Chico.

A couple cute stories I want to share (they are already on FB but want it on here for scrapbooking purposes):
 Griz was laying in my bed with me this morning (9/20). He sneezed while our faces were towards each other.  Luckily I saw it coming and blocked the sneeze with a blanket. After I pulled the blanket down he smiled really big and said, "Water fight" ('wado sight' is how he actually pronounced it)
Brent found the show, "Out of the Mouths of Babes" online this morning (9/22). As the kids were watching it, Chico was getting really frustrated with all the kids answers and finally exclaimed, "These guys don't know anything!"

Date night... popcorn with M&Ms poured inside.  We only had peanut and regular but the best is with peanut butter M&Ms. Mmmm.

Griz holding our nephew that is a couple months older than Sanna.

See the furrowed eye brows. That's how she looks when she's awake about 80% if the time. Just like Chico was.

Finally found a bread recipe where one batch can make 3 loaves in my kitchen aid and the loaf doesn't come out dense.  Sweet!
 Our beautiful garden has produced many large batches of yummy salsa.  We will miss it greatly this winter.

 Brent only gets cuddle time with Sanna when he's home studying.

Besides going to the Unversity full time with really hard classes, Brent is finishing up his EMT training. During an emergency response drill they gave him a fake injury. Looks pretty real!  Scared the heck out of Griz, poor kid!

The day before Grizwalds birthday we had a little cake and ice cream with my family. We took our real camera with us to that event. Go me! Here are the pictures:

 He loves little action figures so I made a yellow lemon cake (such a yummy recipe) because yellow is his favorite color. And I decorated it with 3 little action figures (he was turning 3). He loves "tiny hm hm"

 Sanna was smiling so cute at Emily. I even caught it in a photo.

 I can't begin to tell you how helpful my mom has been. She has been a life saver as I've been dealing with a new baby and the physical and mental difficulties that come a long with that.

And back to the cell phone pictures...

 We went to Liberty Park on Grizwald's actual birthday after having a picnic with daddy up at the U (he wasn't able to be home at all that day) Brent went back to class and we played at Liberty park for like 4 hours after that. We were WORN OUT by the end. But they had a lot of fun playing there.

I told him to show me how old he was... Here he is trying to figure it out...

At about this time I also was allowed to start exercising again. I went straight to the pool and it was like heaven being back in there. I am so grateful I exercised throughout the pregnancy so I could hop right back into a swimming routine. I only gained a healthy weight during this pregnancy but I still have only lost about 15 lbs from having her.  I think the swimming will help. :)

 Chico was doing his homework and specific colors were assigned to specific shapes. While coloring the sun rays green Chico said in disgust, "I think I'm going to be sick from looking at this"

The boys' first dentist visit!  No cavities!!! I'm amazed and grateful. They must have inherited their daddy's teeth.  The boys were so brave and so cute to watch as they interacted with the staff. Griz only got scared at one point and I think it's because the chair they told him to sit at had scary Halloween decorations right next to it. We changed chairs and I sat with him and he calmed back down and was back to his adorable cheery self.

A few days after Griz's birthday we had a joint birthday party with Brent's family. I had decided to make him a decorated cake for this party because I was feeling more energy that day. Grizwald loved his "hm hm din" cake. Translation "Captain America Shield Cake"

During priesthood session I got to hang out with the sisters and we laid Sanna next to her cousin who is two months older. She's not looking quite as tiny next to him as she used to. lol

Yesterday (10/9) Sanna slept all day long and finally woke up around dinner time and she was just all full of smiles! Too cute!

Chico decided pants were optional as he was getting ready for school today.

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Love them all! Your kids are the best! Probably because you and Brent rock :)