September 13, 2015

kids being kids

 Watch out folks. There's a new super hero in town.  She's looking pretty stylin with her pink t-shirt and underwear.  Keeping it modest though with her shorts of course.  No superhero is complete without a cape... Who knew mommy's t-shirt was the perfect fit! Of course I shouldn't forget her bracelets, I'm sure they give her power of some kind.  Oh my gosh, you should have seen this fearless super hero running down the hall at full speed charging into the rescue.  She looked the part for sure.  I'd trust her with my life!

All that super hero work is hard stuff... better take a break in my stroller

Griz helping us get our lighting for a baby photo shoot... He's laying on his side pretending to be a baby.

Brent was in playing with the boys and took some adorable pictures of them all having fun....

 Griz made his own "copperhead" snake...

Sanna is definitely in an accessorizing phase. Pretty fashionable right?
 We tried to convince her to switch to a scarf instead of her winter hat but she wouldn't have it. So I showed her how it's done...

I can't believe she's pulling the same smile as me in this next picture. It's so dang awesome.

Tonight I was helping Sanna brush her teeth and she looked so dang adorable that I had to go get the camera and take some pictures.  

 This next picture kills me.  She is posing for herself in the mirror. My little girl is such a ham!

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Ellye Wong said...

I love them all - you have great-lookin kids! My favorite pic, though, is Sarah and Savannah in their shades and head gear - PRECIOUS. I saved those for sure!! We should send that one in to a magazine, or have it made into a poster - you're both adorable.