February 15, 2016


 January was spent installing the dishwasher, fixing the sink and completely redoing the walls and floor of the bathroom. It took a lot of time. Brent was such a hard worker though and he got it to look so nice.  I can't believe all that he did last month with his rotation in Gleason and all. He loved his first rotation, really enjoyed the people he worked with and really enjoyed doing family practice. He also seemed to really enjoy doing the remodeling work too.  It was just overall a pretty happy month.  Which is funny considering how we were without a kitchen sink with hot water and the dishwasher installation wasn't seamless and we had to take baths instead of showering for a couple weeks.  We still were just so much happier than we've been. :) Maybe it's partly because he didn't have to go to Bethel for school for most of the month... ;)

I worried I'd miss the beautiful view we had from our apartment here in Paris.  Well one morning I was looking out into our backyard and noticed the cardinals, blue jays, and squirrels going crazy collecting acorns.  It was so much fun to watch.  I actually love our new view. The magnolia tree is just such a nice part of this yard and the birds just love it. These pictures would have been better had I been outside but cardinals are pretty skiddish so I didn't want to scare them away so I took the pictures from inside the window. 

 January also brought with it a few snow days! A little bit of snow goes a long way here in Tennessee and the kids sure had a fun time playing in it.

The kids insisted on getting out the skis when it snowed.  It snowed more a few days later and we got to take the skis to our friend's house. They had a pretty awesome hill to go down in the back.  The kids also got to go sledding at their house and boy o boy did they love that. I even took a couple turns, it's been way too long.

Crazy kid (and daddy) it was actually really cold out there...

On one of the snow days I worked on my painting a bit and the kids joined me at different times. They all really wanted the chance to paint with mommy!

That's my painting in the background... my goal is to get it done by April!

This cute kid convinced me to buy a big package of these little sausage biscuits from walmart. He ate so many of them!

It was actually really good snowman making snow. These cute kids worked as a team and made a snowman together.

She was being too dang cute drinking her hot chocolate... so many cute pictures below...

Savannah the princess rockstar.

She did a little performance for Grandma and Grandpa on FaceTime...

And a little dance number with Daddy...

My heart is so happy having a yard again.
 We love to dig!

Careful Chico...

One day it got kinda quiet and I went to find where Sanna had wandered off to and this is how I found her... outside playing in the leaves.  Such a cutey pie.

I blowed Sanna's hair dry for church and it looked so pretty.  I just had to take a picture of how beautiful and clean and well dressed she was that morning. :)

Sanna has been obsessed with drawing lately. In this picture below she fell asleep while she was drawing. In fact this isn't the only time she's fallen asleep drawing.  She also fell asleep the other day sitting on the office chair drawing.  Her little hand was still busy drawing but her eyes were closed and she was nodding off.


Christa said...

What fun, cute pictures!! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I'm glad. I miss you guys! We all do. Can't believe how much your kids have grown!! Fun post though.

Heidi Kirschbaum said...

Sannah is the smiliest kid I've ever seen! So cute. Excited to see you guys soon! I can't believe it's been almost a year since you and the kids came to visit Utah last.