February 15, 2017

Redwood Magic

Life in an RV can be hard at times.  Add the stress of applying for jobs and trying to study with very crappy wi-fi into the mix and yeah it all gets even harder.  My dear husband has so much to deal with and he was closing up last week. I hadn't seen him smile or crack a joke in a few days and I was starting to worry majorly.  Well we started for the coast Friday morning and as soon as we finally got to the ocean I saw that stress start peeling away. Then we looked at this property we really want and I saw it peeling away even more.  By the time we got to the redwood forest in California I had my happy husband back again. There is something magical about the Oregon Coast for us. The redwoods are just our absolute favorite.  I wish we could build our house right there in the middle of Jedediah Smith State Park.  

My hubby knows the right time to get out there and he sure knows how to capture things beautifully.  It was a wonderful wonderful morning spent exploring.

Chico wanted to take pictures and videos with my phone.

The kids love the redwoods as much as we do.

The kids had a blast standing up in the car with their heads out of the sunroof. Made for an awesome view as we slowly drove through the forest.

We got out at Stout Grove and had a nice little walk.  The cool thing about this next picture is that the trail they are walking on is actually a fallen redwood tree.

It wasn't raining at all but some of the trees were dropping a bunch of water and it almost looked like rain. It was really neat.

Is it seriously February? We had the most amazing weather that weekend. Almost forgot it was still winter.
After we left the Jedediah Smith State Park we drove them down to see the giant Paul Bunion statue.  Chico saw some awesome waves from the highway and convinced us that they HAD to go swimming.  We had their suits in the car so we let them. Their version of swimming is more like jumping up and down in the water.  They didn't get past their knees I think, ha ha!  If it had been a good swimming beach though Brent would have joined them in there.

After we left the beach we took the kids back to the hotel to shower off. Then Sanna and I went to the store and got some food and pizza for dinner. Then we watched cable tv for the rest of the evening. So weird for us since we don't normally have tv.  But Brent had a bunch of work to do on his laptop so the kids and I first watched Property Brothers, then found the end of the Lego Movie, and then watched Chopped.  Kind of fun but also mind numbing with all the commercials. Bleh!
Then the next morning we hurried off to the Redwoods one more time before church. Just incredible again!

We rushed home from the redwoods so we could check out of the hotel and get to church by 11:00 (the website said it started at 11:00).  We got there by 11:05 and found out they had changed it to 11:30 recently but hadn't updated the internet. So we were actually early (shocking) which turned out to be great because we were able to talk to people AND we got to see our friend Tammy!  She was in the 9:00 am ward but when she found out we were there she said she'd catch us after sacrament.  She came and talked after the meeting and invited us over and invited us to even stay the night! She and her family were so hospitable. We needed a break from tiny spaces for sure (and it was nice to save some money since we needed to spend one more night)!  They fed us good food, had a movie with popcorn and one of my guilty pleasures graham crackers with frosting on it. They had good wi-fi for Brent to use. They showed us a few cool places in town (the Lookout and the pier by the lighthouse).  The next morning Tammy let the kids and I swim in their hot tub pool. It was so much fun!
That morning while the kids and I swam and packed, Brent was off dropping off resumes in town and then we headed back home dropping off resumes on the way.  We stopped at Five Guys for dinner that night which we haven't had in a few years. It was gooood. :)
All in all a great weekend and I am currently counting the minutes until we get to leave again tomorrow after work to go down to the Coos Bay area again this weekend!!!!

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Ellye Wong said...

The Redwoods in these glorious pictures look like another Sacred Grove. Maybe at one time they were.