May 9, 2017


During the last few days of Brent's Dermatology rotation in Oregon, I started feeling the spirit prompt me that it was time to send the kids back to public school when we got back to Utah. I thought through this prompting long and hard and talked to Brent about it.  He immediately thought it was a good idea.  We came up with a plan how to break it to the kids that we were putting them back into school.  Griz took the news pretty easily.  He put up a front at first like he wasn't excited about it but about 5 minutes later I could tell he actually was excited. 
Chico we knew would be the harder one to convince.  We wrote up a contract with him and rewarded him for his bravery and he felt somewhat better about the situation.  So Monday, February 27th they started school.  Chico was so nervous, I walked in with him though and everyone was really nice to him.  He did really well and now, as I type this 2 and a half months later I can just tell you how much he has thrived being back in public school.  He's had his struggles, yes, but for the most part it's been a wonderful thing for him and he has enjoyed being with other kids so much.  Griz only has half days which has been his only struggle, I know he'd love to just be there all day and get to eat lunch there.  He loves being with other kids and recess!

We had a fun family party at my parent's house at the beginning of March to celebrate the March birthdays.  We actually brought the camera along and Brent got some good pictures.

I saw the cuteness of this scene and just had to capture that too!

The rest of March is covered on Instagram... including St. Patrick's Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Brent's Birthday, going to see Beauty and the Beast, and special dates with our boys. You can check all that out on my Instagram here.

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