May 26, 2010

Day 5...Calf Creek Falls and Pee-ka-boo

This morning we woke up and just strolled on up to the trailhead (which is right in the campground) and hiked up to Calf Creek Falls. This place is so cool, the pictures below show kinda what it was like for the first half of the 3 mile hike up to the falls. It also shows what the campground was like, you're just camped right up by these beautiful red-rock cliffs. The hike was pretty easy, just long and sandy. Photobucket 

Photobucket Then you get to the top and WOW! What a sight! The waterfall was gorgeous! Photobucket
It rained on the way back down and a little when we got back to camp but it wasn't too bad at all.
Our friends (the same ones who let us borrow the tent) told us about a cool hike in the area.  We were really excited to do it but were planning on doing it the next morning. For some reason we got the crazy idea to go ahead and hike Peekaboo the same day. So after lunch we repacked our hiking gear and drove to Hole-in-the-Rock Road. You drive on it for about an hour until you get to the turn off. You park at the trail head and hike for a bit until you get to THE COOLEST THING! This Corkscrew Slot Canyon is the first one I've ever been in, it is by far one of the coolest things I've ever hiked through. It was kinda hard but mostly fun. The pictures don't adequately describe it's awesomeness. We took videos which describe it better but I don't think I can upload it because they're too large of a files. (Anybody know how to compress video files? I'm clueless on video!)

The first part has a lot of climbing which Brent had to help me with.

A natural water slide!

Then it starts getting a little more narrow...
so much so that we had to take Chico out of the pack.
and there were parts where we really had to squeeze to get through
And sometimes Brent just went above because of the tightness, and because it was fun I think...


We were on a natural high going through the slot canyon.  I just had to take a picture of us together, I cut myself off but don't care because I love it of Brent!
The hike back to the car was kind of hard on us. We were getting pretty tired, the adrenaline rush was long gone and the water was running low. Brent forced me to drink the majority of the water and we made it back with no problems. Did I mention it was mostly uphill on the way back? Photobucket We decided Subway sounded good for dinner that night but I'm pleased to announce that it was the ONLY night we ate out! We got back to camp and crashed. It was a fun tiring day!


BHatch said...

That water slide was the coolest! J/K I wasn't really sliding on my butt. I was stuck there. But it's good acting, NO?

Sarah Hatch said...

LOL, you're funny.

BHatch said...

Did you mention that it snowed shortly after that photo was taken at Calf Creek Lower falls? Nice shot, by the way, Sweetheart.

Emily said...

I think my favorite part (other than the impressive pictures of a place that I SERIOUSLY want to visit) was the comments of the two of you on your own post. You are pretty much the cutest couple ever.

Christa said...

I didn't know you guys stayed at Calf creek!! That's so cool!! I LOVED that place when our family stayed there. Mostly the water at the end of the waterfall... I remember swimming up really close to the fall with Brent. How cool!! I'm going to have to take my family there. And that corkscrew hike (whatever it's called) looks AWESOME!!!! I'm officially jealous (not that I wasn't already).... how fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
it looks very hard to squeeze through the rocks when your pregnant. You guys must have been really brave to jump over rocks and brent looked like he was having fun sliding down the rocks!