October 16, 2010


Thank goodness for these big lego blocks.  They've kept Chico most occupied, most occupied indeed (name that movie).  Chico and I have been adjusting a lot this last week. Brent has gone back to work now and I have to feed Nelmo quite a bit during the day so Chico has needed to keep himself entertained more.  Thankfully these blocks have been perfect for that!  I asked Chico if I could take a picture of his creation and he was more than happy to pose for me...several different times.  What a ham. :)

Photobucket Photobucket And here is a picture of what Nelmo has been doing a lot of: Photobucket 
No pictures of the other activities of his day which include changing diapers and eating. (you're welcome). Apparently we're doing something right over here. Nelmo has gained 11 ounces from his birth weight in just two weeks! That's my boy!


Cleverly Triple said...

such cute boys! look how big chico is getting!

Joe and Raylene said...

Aw man Sarah! Your kids are soo adorable! The new little one is BEAUTIFUL! :) Keep up the good work and good luck with all of the adjusting.