October 26, 2010

as of late

Nelmo is growing like crazy. It's weird to see him in the clothes at 3 weeks old that Chico wore as a 3 month old. He's our big boy! I LOVE this picture of him:Photobucket Photobucket

I know I've mentioned this before, but Chico LOVES Nelmo. He gets the sweetest most tender look on his face when he looks at him. Chico laid down on my bed next to Nelmo and I ran to get my camera because it was so cute. Here is the series of (badly taken) pictures. Photobucket Photobucket

And this next picture just cracks me up. Photobucket

We needed to give our ward an updated picture of us for our ward directory so we went in our yard and took this with our tripod. We were surprised Chico smiled so good for our tripod! Photobucket

Speaking of our yard, our neighbors have goats. There is a Mom a Dad and a new baby. Chico is a bit obsessed with them and usually loves them. But about a week ago he was petrified of them, couldn't walk up to our door without screaming and crying in fear. He even was having nightmares about them. We've convinced him that goats are nice now, but man that was a weird phase. How could he be scared of this cute little thing?
Okay, I guess they are pretty weird looking... So anyway the other day the baby goat somehow got stuck on the wrong side of the fence and the goats were freaking out. I think we can hear the goats better than their owners so Brent went out there and picked up the baby goat and walked around the corner to the neighbor's house and put the goat back. During that time the Mom and Dad were so scared for the baby, it was awesome to see them wanting to protect their baby. It was also awesome to see Brent holding a baby goat in his arms! It's big but surprisingly light Brent said. 
Enough about goats. :) Back to our kiddos. We swaddle Nelmo in blankets when he sleeps (so he's swaddled probably 20 hours of the day). The other day Chico wanted to get wrapped in blankets too, so Brent obliged and we just had to get a picture of them next to each other. I know Nelmo looks precarious at the edge of the couch but we had them immobilized because we're pretty much pros at swaddling if I do say so myself.
Another thing we've been dealing with lately was that I strained my rotator cuff. Super annoying to have an arm injury when you need that arm to hold and nurse your baby. It happened on a Saturday night and slowly kept getting worse. By Tuesday I was in so much pain that it hurt like crazy even when I wasn't moving it! So we had my old neighbor come over who is a Physical Therapist and he analyzed it and showed me some exercises and told me what to do with it. Then I had a priesthood blessing from Brent and my Dad. After that it slowly started improving just as I was promised. And now I can act like a normal Mom again! People have been so nice to us bringing us meals and helping with Chico. We are so indebted to them!


Cleverly Triple said...

awww growing up so fast! they are both adorable! i am SO sorry about your arm! that sounds terrible! i had forgotten how difficult it is to nurse that first few weeks after the baby is born but reading your post totally reminded me and i almost had sympathy pains when you described what is happening with your arm. i'm glad it's starting to improve and i'm glad your ward and family helped out so much!

Cleverly Triple said...

oh and btw adorable family photo! and we have goats by our house that brighton is obsessed with as well. it's a daddy and baby goat. sometimes the daddy goat rams into the baby goat...jumping up and down with his front hooves....maybe chico saw them doing that and that's what frightened him???

Joe and Raylene said...

So so so cute! The kiddos are adorable! I am so sad about your arm. What a blessing to have a worthy priesthood holder around for things like blessings. :) You sound so happy. You must be adjusting very well to the two kid thing.

Kelli Meyer said...

Congratulations Sarah!!!! What a gorgeous family!!! I love Nelmo's hair!!!! So excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I might be biased (considering I'm Grandma Debbie) but I think these photos are incredible!!! What a delightful family you are:)