November 15, 2010


Meet Chico the giraffe.
He would like to show you his Halloween Costume from this year. Photobucket
He's a pretty cute kid.
He's got a pretty cute baby brother too. They had some nice grandparents spoil them with candy. I may or may not have eaten Nelmo's candy this year.Photobucket

He had some evil plots this Halloween. Don't let the smiles fool ya. This is his buddy Auntie Em. She's a Jedi night. Photobucket Apparently giraffes are well trained in the ways of the force. Photobucket

This is his other accomplice in crime that lives down the street.  They've kidnapped the beautiful princess. All he demands for a ransom is all the candy we've got.  Photobucket

His little brother thinks it's all pretty funny. Photobucket
He doesn't feel the need to join in on Chico's schemings. He's got a pretty good life, what with eating and sleeping all day and getting carried around wherever he needs to go. Photobucket


Emily said...

That picture with Chico and the other kids is CLASSIC!!! What a fun post!

Kelly Family said...

Your boys are DARLING!!! LOVE them!

Camille said...

OH man, they are SO dang cute! I love all the pictures! Cute costume for Chico! And the baby is just cute as can be.

Cleverly Triple said...

awww so cute! look how big they are both getting!

Debi said...

I love that giraffe costume and Chico looks so cute in it!
Little Nelmo is so handsome.