November 17, 2010

Long Awaited Pictures

Remember how before the baby came I said I'd post pictures of our finished front room? Well I kept forgetting obviously and now a month and a half later I'm finally showing off my husbands handywork.

First let me refresh your memory of an example of what we had to walk through every time we went in and out of our apartment.  (We live in a basement apartment in case you didn't know).

It didn't always have the window missing, that was only missing for a few days while Brent repaired that wall.

And now I will show you a picture of it FINISHED but without the furniture and decorations.

drum roll please




 and whalla!


and now for the room with stuff in it.

I LOVE this front room.  We needed it badly, we were going crazy having our couch in Chico's room and our computer in our bedroom. If guests came over they could sit in our little kitchen or in Chico's room.  If people came and needed to see something on our computer, we'd have to take them into our bedroom.  It was fine for a time but it was starting to wear on me.  
 We're in the front room all the time now, it feels so happy in here.  I think having this room finished has greatly influenced the ease I have had in coping with having two kids.  Besides the fact that our new little angel is just a really calm baby that sleeps a lot. :)  After Chico goes to bed I can just lounge around on the couch and watch a movie or read while Brent photo edits at the computer (which is directly across from the couch).  The other day I even got ambitious and broke out my painting again and painted while he edited.  It was a grand old time.  Oh and during the day, having NATURAL LIGHT pouring into our apartment is just priceless.


Emily said...

It looks fantastic! Brent did a great job and you did a great job decorating - I would LOVE having those bookshelves in my house. Nice work you guys!

Kelly Family said...

Looks great! I love it!!

Cleverly Triple said...

LOVE IT! good job brent!

Joe and Raylene said...

That room really does look so beautiful! It is great to hear that your new little one is so even tempered. What a blessing!

Kasi said...

Nice job. That room looks amazing!