August 24, 2012

Gift for my boy/Long time Craft project


For the past couple years I've been promising these paintings to Chico.  I showed them to him a LONG time ago but kept telling him I had to finish them first.  I kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally the night before his birthday I finished them so I could give them to him on his birthday. For how excited he HAD been about them, the toys were much more exciting and he practically blew me off when we opened the box. Oh well.  I hung them on the wall a day or two later and he was so excited to see them up there finally.

If you're interested to know how I made these, here are the not so clear instructions on how to do them:

So I sketched all of the images out on my own with some referencing from google images.  After I sketched them out, I traced it out onto good quality white paper which I then cut out.  Then I mod podged it to 8x10 canvases that I had painted beforehand.  Then for the temple and the handcart I painted in by hand the areas that needed to be filled in (the wheel and the details on the temple).  I also painted the paper white so it would be the same texture as the rest of everything. Then I modpodged back over the entire thing.  It worked out pretty well I think!

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