August 22, 2012

Memories at Dick's

Dick's Market on Pages Lane closed down to move to Parrish Lane. So the last day it was open we went and took some pictures there. Okay, okay it's a little weird to be so sentimental about a grocery store. But I tell ya, there are so many emotions and memories linked with that place that I think we'd be heartless if we didn't feel sadness that Dick's Market on Pages Lane is gone. Brent and I both worked there as young adults (not at the same time however). He was a checker and I worked in the Deli.  We joke that I probably came through his line as a young teenager when he worked there and I probably thought he was cute.   Brent first became interested in me (after seeing me on the bus) during the time I worked at the Deli and in fact he came to talk to me (probably to ask me out) but I was late to work that day so he gave up and left and consequently eventually gave up on me for the next two years until a good friend of ours lined us up.  We also came to this very store on our first date and stood in line at the Credit Union to get cash for a dinner Brent hadn't planned on buying for me. ;)  I also have fond memories for the Macey's in Ogden.  Nothing is more fun than dancing in the aisles with the love of your life without a care about who might see you.  "How wonderful life is with you in my world..." Good times.
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Emily Davis said...

Yeah for the memories!