January 15, 2013

December is Fun!

This last month has been filled with fun activities, very few of which we have taken our camera to!  For journaling purposes I shall try to recap our lives from December 2nd-22nd.
On the 2nd, after the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, we had a few family members come over and we ate brownies and ice cream while watching Mr. Krueger's Christmas. Brent brought that tradition of watching that movie into our family, I absolutely love the movie now too.
On the 3rd our Peruvian neighbors had us over for Family Night, Billy taught the lesson in Spanish while Natalia translated.  I was pleased that I only needed the translation for 50% of it. Really need to brush up on my Spanish though. Brent keeps trying to get me to stop hiding my Spanish and start using it.  After the lesson they fed us Peruvian Fruit Cake. It was SO yummy.  We love the Palacios, they are some of the nicest people we have met.  It is fun to talk with them.
On the 7th late at night we went with Steve and Jocelyn to see the lights at Layton City Park.  Right after we started walking through a guy said he was going to turn them off. Steve convinced him to leave them on for a little longer, so we were able to see them.  It really is an awesome light display, I highly recommend it, especially if you have small children.  After seeing the lights we went to McDonalds and ate some ice cream while the kids played on the playground with Steve. You would have never guessed it was 11:00 by the way our kids were acting! Steve was being an awesome uncle and playing with them so well.
On the 14th Brent and I decided to celebrate his being done with finals by taking the boys to Leatherby's for some hot fudge sundaes. That night we went back to Salt Lake, scarfed down some Betos, walked briskly through the cold rain to get to the Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Concert.  It was an amazing concert! The message this year was so touching, I totally cried. I might want to buy the DVD to this year's performance.
On the 15th we woke up and threw clothes on and ran out the door to our primary's Christmas Party.  We had pancakes and then I took pictures of the kids sitting on Santa's lap.  Griz hopped right onto his lap no worries, he of course didn't talk to Santa, but he was pleased to receive a candy cane.

Chico however got pretty nervous and the only way we could get him to sit on his lap was by having me sit on Santa. (Santa's idea, so if he felt completely crushed by our combined weight it's his own fault!)

It worked out well and after getting a candy cane from Santa, Chico brightened up and told him he wanted more train tracks for Christmas. Santa asked him if he puts away his train tracks and Chico said he did. Later that day, out of the blue, Chico said, "Uh oh! Santa is going to be so mad at me!" I asked him, "Why?" and he said, "Because I don't put away my train tracks!"
Later that day we went to the Capitol for a big old Coy side of the family, family picture. It was my idea to do it (I would have preferred to do it outdoors in the fall but we couldn't get this big group together until December).  I felt like with the talent of photography I've been blessed with I had to get a picture for my grandparent's of their posterity. I owe it to them and am glad I was able to do it.  It was a bit crazy but we got it taken! Afterwords we went to Lynette's for a Christmas party with the whole group.  It was a fun party, they did a white elephant gift exchange which the boys loved. Chico got "battle armor" for a zuzu pet, which he doesn't own, but he LOVED it all the same, and he found a stuffed animal at home that it fit on. What a cute kid!  Griz got a little figurine of Kermit the Frog as  jedi knight. He loved it.  He calls it (and all other toys) his "why".  So if he loses a toy he says in his low Grizwald voice, "Whewre ma why??" or if he is showing it to you he says, "See ma why!"
On the 16th we went to Simon and Ellen's for a Christmas Party with Brent's side. They had bought Papa Murphey's pizza, so I made "Swedish Salad" to go with it. I also made cinnamon rolls which were a big hit.  I've kinda developed my own recipe so I should post that on this blog someday.  Brent absolutely loves them and he's pretty picky about cinnamon rolls. :)  Anyway, the party was pretty fun, the kids performed some songs, then the kids got to open their presents early. Chico got duplos and Grizwald got a Captain America shield. He was wearing his costume at the party so it was fitting that he opened it that night! We had a fun time chatting away the night until it was time to go home and go to bed.  Speaking of, Griz wouldn't sleep unless the shield was right there with him.  Silly kid.


 Chico saw me taking a pic of Griz and had to show off his battle armor 


On the 17th we took the kids to see "Rise of the Guardians". I had heard it was good, but the trailer looked dumb to me so I was skeptical going in.  I LOVED it though! The kids liked it to.  I think it's fun to take them to the theater every once in a while. I really enjoyed it.
On the 18th we went on our annual Ikea run.  We ate some meatballs and princess cake then we headed downstairs and bought some cracker bread, some cheese that somewhat resembled farmer cheese though it's way drier, and lingonberry jam.  We love Swedish food at Christmas time, it's been a tradition for us since our first Christmas together.
On the 22nd Brent and I went to "Christmas Carol" at Centerpoint theater because my parents gave us their tickets and offered to babysit our kids while we went! We've never been to Centerpoint before so it was cool to see what it's like and the play of course has a great message that is important at Christmas time.
Well thats it for Christmasey things.  Other things of note for journaling purposes: Brent started a new job on the 18th at a Hospital. It will be great for helping him get experience for applications for Grad School.
I have been swimming 3-4 times a week for a whole month. It has been awesome, I'm so glad Christa is my workout buddy so that I keep going. We wake up at 5:00 am to be able to make it before the kids wake up, but it's so worth it. Swimming is the best!
I photographed a wedding on the 20th. I think it's going to be my last one for a few months. Which is good so I can take care of family photo shoots I haven't finished editing. (Sorry family).

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