February 20, 2014

My baby is 6 months old!?!?

HALF OF A YEAR has passed since our family changed forever by having our sweet Sanna join this crazy thing we call the Hatch Family.  She fits right in and we can't imagine life without her.  She was looking particularly adorable at church today I thought, Griz agreed and so the two of us sat down to take pictures of her and the next thing we knew we had taken 111 pictures.  No worries, I won't put all of them up...  :)

She loves sticking out her tongue, you can tell that she is just so excited when she is sticking it out.

see, there it is again...

Griz wanted to take some pictures too...

And I wanted to take some pictures... (Chico was asleep so Griz and Sanna had some just the two of them type pictures)

She loves her brothers and is SO ready to be down there playing with them.  It's just a matter of time.

And back at the end of January...
Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon Brent will pull out the camera to capture some candids of our kids being adorable. I'm so grateful when he does this, he captures them so well...

I moved the recliner into the front room and the boys have loved being able to spin and play on it.

Sanna loves watching them, she loves all the chaos of family together time.

I had made brown butter snicker doodles after church that day. This candid of Griz eating one is so dang adorable.  I love his expressions.

Then everyone was piled on me. When I saw this picture later on my first initial thought was, "holy cow I have a lot of kids!!!"

and I man do I love them!

I love kissing Sanna's cheeks, they are just so darn kissable.

and she likes eating my face

My little girl just loves me.  It's fun having a best bud who needs you and loves you so much.

And I love what a happy baby she is turning into.

And now onto phone pics from the last month or so:

I was at my parent's house and I saw Griz resting his hands on Chico's shoulders so cutely.

Sanna loves playing with toys. Any type, she's not picky whether it's a doll, an action figure, or a giant t-rex eating her face! ;)

My new style... wanted to keep the long hair but needed a change in a big way. Bangs were the solution and I'm pretty pleased!

Griz was playing Temple Run and came up to me laughing because he had accidentally gotten out of the game and into the phone's camera. He was laughing because he could see his feet as he was walking.  Then I showed him how he could push a button to flip the screen around to see his own face and take a picture.

We figured we couldn't get a babysitter on Valentines Day and we were going with our friend to the Special Needs Mutual Dance the night before Valentines so we thought we'd have that be our date and then go out alone after the dance.  Sanna was along for the ride. I pulled out the camera and Brent and Sanna gave me this look...
 Then again without coordinating it together they both struck this pose:
 I couldn't stop laughing.
Well then we tried to flip the camera around to get one of us together and a nice man came up and offered to take one for us.
 Happy Valentines to my Love!


Emily Davis said...

Love your cute family!

Christa Maynes said...

WAY CUTE!!! It's been a while since i went on your blog!! I've missed it!!