January 20, 2014

January -- Part 1

1/3 Sanna loves to stand! She stayed this way for a good 30 seconds before her legs gave out.

I sat her down on this chair by my dad and she just looked like she was hanging out with him. 

Homemade Pizza/Movie Night is a new fun tradition.

We're all a little obsessed with Frozen around here so when Griz found these green gloves he played "Elsa".  Frozen is such an awesome movie that my little boys are totally fine with pretending to be her. She does have some awesome powers!

1We got Brent's saxophone out the other day for the first time that the kids can remember and they had fun checking it out.



1/8 I was working on something in the other room one day while Griz was watching a show... or two.  I thought he was still busy watching t.v. and I went in to check on him and he was laying looking at books instead.  Totally melted my heart.

1/10 Get ready for some simply adorable cuteness...


Tape tape tape tape tape.  That's all this kid wants to play with!

Griz is the king of silly faces lately. He's a total crack up.

 You can't just set her down to lay in her bouncey chair anymore. She'll sit right up and try to get out of it.  This girl is just so ready to get mobile.  Doesn't she know she's only barely 5 months old!?

The boys are always giving her something to play with... like this soccer ball.  


He loves his Lincoln Logs

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