January 19, 2014

The Holidays -- Part One

 11/08 -- I was working away in the kitchen when all of the sudden I felt glass shove itself deep into my foot. It was in a really thick part of my foot none-the-less.  I couldn't believe how much it hurt. I sat down to see if I could find the glass to get it out.  Luckily Brent was home and we borrowed a magnifying glass and picked around at a bit, couldn't see anything else and thought that was the end of it. The boys had fun playing doctor, Brent let them borrow his stethoscope and everything. So cute!

The pain wasn't too bad in my foot for a couple weeks but then all the sudden one day it reached a point I couldn't handle it anymore so I decided I better go in and have it checked out.  Turns out there was some glass deeper in there that he had to dig out.  I also had some planter warts right next to it that we decided to take care of at the same time.  It was miserable. The pain stayed at bay for a few days and I was able to do a photo shoot and go about the days with just a slight limp. Brent took another look at my foot concerned about the pain I was in and he found more glass!!! He got it out and we thought all was well.

Hanging out on my bed.

I needed a quick casual picture of the grandkids for a gift I was making for the grandparents. So I stopped by after school one day to take a quick picture. Not everyone was happy about this little picture apparently! Oh well, it's funny! :)
Well Thanksgiving came around and I woke up in so much pain in my foot that I could barely stand it.  It felt REALLY swollen and I thought that probably meant it was infected. 
I missed out on flag football because of it and just stayed home and made super delicious rolls. Thanksgiving was really really tasty and it was fun to see family. On our way home I stopped at Instacare but it was closed so I couldn't go in and have it taken care of.  

The day after Thanksgiving my regular doctor was in. Luckily I got one of their only open appointments and I was able to go in. He found MORE glass which he got out and also gave me an antibiotic.  

Sanna the cutest reindeer! This was another picture for the project I was making for the grandparent's christmas calendar.

That afternoon was our annual first date re-inactment.  Even though my foot was swollen and painful we still wanted to go! So we dropped off the kids at my parents.  Took our annual picture in front of the bookcase...

We drove to Gateway for "dinner" and for the first time broke tradition of walking from Gateway to Temple Square and drove instead.  We found a parking spot right at the museum which we felt was a tender mercy.  We enjoyed the exhibit about scouting, then walked around temple square...

We stuck around until the lights turned on and then headed to Cold Stone.  

We went so much earlier in the day this time that when we got home the boys had time to have fun making and playing with this non newtonian fluid goo stuff that night while I finished making calendars for our parent gifts at the computer.

I like decorating for Christmas usually but this year I had a really hard time getting up the gumption to do it.  Probably because I'd have to clean the house first. :) I finally did it though!
 I love how Brent pulls out the camera right after we've decorated to capture the excitement the boys have for that short time they're allowed to play with the decorations. :) I love seeing how they like to arrange the nativity. It's so sweet and sometimes funny.

12/07 Ward Party
For our ward christmas party I was asked to take pictures in front of this backdrop they had set up.  I was going to be there without Brent and I knew I couldn't handle it alone. My friend Jaime Brady does photography too and is also in my ward so she and I worked together. We used my camera and flash and she took most of the pictures with it.  I think it worked out well!

I just wish Brent could have come too!

Christa invited the siblings over to do gingerbread houses. It was a fun time seeing the fam though it stinks going to those things without Brent. Chico was able to do it pretty much solo and Griz only needed help with the frosting.

The boys borrowed one of the kids snow suit and boots so they could go outside. Griz loved that it was yellow!

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