January 19, 2014

The Holidays -- Part 2

School was getting stressful at this point for Brent and he was constantly studying for finals. I was feeling sorry for myself that he and I couldn't go on a date that weekend so I took the kids on a date instead and we went and saw Frozen.  We LOVED it.  They had this funny little cardboard cut out in the front of the theater that the boys posed in.  It was a fun date with the kids. :)

She's starting to play with her feet a whole bunch...

Strong enough to sit up in a high chair...

Chico's kindergarten class did a gingerbread man performance for the grandparents. I was asked to take pictures for that as well.  Here is Chico with his grandmas.

And later that day finals were finally done and Daddy got to be with us again...

Next day we took the kids for some chickadee skiing at snowbird.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

The kids took a break from skiing and had a lot of fun digging in the snow...

burrying Daddy..

And throwing snow around...Griz got him good!

Haircuts were long over-do.  I was trying to cut Chico's hair first and he was freaking out about the buzzers. Brent is an awesome motivator and helped ease his fears by letting him use the buzzers on his hair. He did a good job!

When it was Grizwald's turn the same scenario happened...

With freshly cut hair, and freshly homemade hot fudge, we headed out for a few neighbor's houses and some of our family's houses to "go caroling".  We sang when they first opened the door but the kids wouldn't sing with us so it usually died out pretty fast after they opened the door. It was great visiting the people we visited though.  Our kids don't make it very easy because they aren't always the most polite and they can be pretty loud and rude about wanting to leave.  Hopefully as we do this every year they will learn and appreciate how great it is to visit people.

Aunt Emily was our last stop and it was fun to see her.  This is them wearing snowflake ornaments as earrings.  Too cute!

Sanna donned her reindeer outfit again for our Davis Family Christmas Party.  I don't have any other pictures from the night (my parents took the pics on their camera so if I get around to getting those I will add them) but I thought it was so dang funny how she was eating the tray that I grabbed a phone pic of it...

On Christmas Eve we still hadn't sat on Santa's lap, nor had we taken the kids to see Temple Square.  We drove to Salt Lake, parked by the Conference Center and walked over to City Creek. On the way over the boys wanted to walk across every tall ledge they could find.

I wished we had our regular camera with us... This was just with the iPhone...

We sat on Santa's lap at City Creek but didn't pay for them to take the pictures. It was kind of a bummer because it was the first time both kids were more than happy to sit on his lap, not scared at all!
We went and played on the dinosaurs after that which is always fun for the boys... lighting was terrible so I mostly only got video of them on the dinos...

Once again was wishing I had the real camera with me... iPhone did pretty well though.

We left from temple square and went to a Hatch Family Party where we were spoiled with presents and amazing food. Wow we ate a lot! It was late when we got home and even so it was hard to convince the boys to go to sleep for Santa to come.  They were SO excited that Christmas was finally almost there!!!

12/25 Christmas Morning!
With sleepy eyes these excited boys got out of bed ready to see what Santa had brought them!  They had opened a few presents when my parents and Emily showed up to watch them open presents an bring them some more presents.

The boys really enjoyed watching Sanna open presents. They were so excited for her.

We gave the camera to mom for a picture with all of us crazies in there.

When I was scrolling through the many she took I found this gem and cropped in on the kids. It is SO sweet!

My parents really spoiled us this Christmas. We were SO grateful for all they did, thanks for making it such a great Christmas!!! We love you!!!

Sanna got to open her presents... with a little help. She loved the wrapping paper!

After we opened presents we left Sanna with my parents and took the boys skiing at Chickadee again. It was pretty fun but I only got pics of Chico on my phone. Woops!

12/26 Due to sickness the Wong Family Christmas Party got moved to the day after Christmas.  Sanna looked so cute in her Christmas outfit!

12/29 Tough Guy Competition.  
Brent and the boys decided to see who could stay outside barefoot the longest. Brent went immediately and stood in the snow. Chico stayed on the sidewalk.  Griz went into the snow after Brent but then came right back inside and said to me, "I nee ma shoes!"  Smart boy!  He got his shoes on and had fun playing in the snow (with shorts and a t-shirt) while Brent and Chico battled it out.  Unfortunately Chico's bladder caused him to have to call it quits and go inside. Brent ran around the house singing "I am the champion my friend!" That really bugged Chico. :)
As a side note Chico and Daddy had another tough guy competition a couple weeks later and Chico won that one! Good job bud!

On New Years Eve we went swimming at the Rec center and then that evening we played games with some from my side of the family. The boys actually made it to midnight, we were surprised! It helped that Griz had had a long nap that day. :)

Next morning Brent and I dropped the kids at my parents house and we went on the funnest date we've had on a long time.
We left the yucky inversion behind...
And had a blast hitting the slopes at Snowbird. We had a really great time, laughing and feeling care free.
I was trying to figure out how to take a picture of us together, took this one by accident, and then my phone died! Bummer.

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