December 28, 2014

Kind and Loving Savior (2014 oil on canvas 16x20)

Now that things are a little more settled down after moving about 1500 miles from Utah to Tennessee I can finally sit down and take a minute to write a little about my painting of our kind and loving Savior. I started painting the Savior when I was suffering from some post partum depression. It became a wonderful blessing in my life to paint again. I wasn't painting it so I could sell it. I just wanted to paint it for myself. 

As I finished it, a few people had expressed interest in a print so I posted it on Facebook and was very surprised by the response I received. I had no idea that more than just a handful of people would even like it let alone want to buy a print. Because my painting has become more widespread in its reach than I anticipated I thought I should share why I painted this image. There are some bible videos put out in the last few years by the LDS church that are great. They have some awesome still images of the Savior from the scenes as well. One in particular I felt captured the love in his eyes but as an artist and a photographer I felt there was something to be gained by painting it. So using the picture of the actor from the Bible Videos as my reference and with permission from the image copyright department of the church I painted this portrait. 
Now that I'm gone from Utah (where most of my friends live) my mom is distributing the prints for me from her home. So yes, prints are still available for purchase if you're interested. It can also be shipped if you don't live in Utah or Tennessee. If you want to purchase it through Etsy, click here.

I hope that by having this painting in people's homes it will remind them of his love and remind us why he came to save us all.

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Kera Williams said...

I really love this painting. It is the perfect depiction of the Savior that I have been searching for. I found the listing on your Etsy page but was hoping I could purchase a digital version that I could get printed on a canvas. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks! -Kera Williams