December 31, 2014

The Big Move!

I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere after posting about our trip to Escalante. There is a reason for that. Let me summarize these last two months for y'all...
Near the end of October Brent got accepted to PA school! When he interviewed in beautiful Western Tennessee last August, Brent just loved it!  Since school starts the first week of January, we had two months to pack up our family and move across the country! Needless to say, I have been very busy! We have been on top of the world as we feel SOOOO grateful for this opportunity. It really has been SUCH an answer to our prayers. Something we've been working so hard for, for so long.
I didn't take a ton of pictures of our kids during the last two months but we have some fun ones to share... 
So starting clear back in October....

We went up to Buckland Flats (above the "B" in Bountiful Canyon) and Heidi and John were nice enough to come along and help us take our own family pictures.
This one is my favorite...

 And this one is my second favorite. Sanna just kills me in it.  I laugh every time I see her face.

Griz was taking a bath and next thing we know we've got a fully clothed baby in the bathtub too!

Our crazy Sanna girl.

Griz wanted to draw his costume (Spiderman) and holy cow it looks amazing!!!! He's never drawn spiderman before and he just did it amazingly well!

Halloween day finally came and about an hour before we were to go trick or treating, Griz changed his mind again and he also decided he wanted to be Harry Potter.  So we had two Harry Potters but only one pair of glasses. So they took turns with the glasses while we trick or treated...

And Sanna was a cute little bumble bee.  Those are the shoes I bought for our family pictures but she wouldn't keep them on so they weren't in any of the pictures. They worked really good for trick or treating with these tights on!

November was a pretty busy month but it was for a really good reason... Heidi and John got married!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL November day! We took the pictures this time and it worked out fairly well!
 Sanna wasn't the happiest of campers.... pretty much the whole day.  In her defense she felt really sick.

Heidi and John look great together and they make such a great pair.  We're so happy for them and so glad to have John joining the family!
 Sanna was feeling even worse by the reception and it was a whirlwind getting everything ready before it started but everyone looks good and Brent's photography was Amazing!!! He knocked their reception out of the ballpark with his photos. 

 These kiddos didn't make it into very many pictures. They were either too busy playing or hanging out in the extra room watching a movie. I love their cute golden bow ties.

 Sanna's purple dress was so pretty... and then she threw up on it a little bit.  Luckily it only got on her cuz I didn't have anything extra to wear like she did!
 Is it just me, or does this photographer seem to have a thing for me? ;)

Cleaning up  a photo shoot and Sanna was showing off her physical fitness skills...

 Like most toddlers, Sanna wasn't too thrilled about meeting Santa.

Brent captured these beautiful pictures of our crazy/messy kids out in our yard... the last pictures we will ever take of our kids in that yard...
 (it was unseasonably warm outside this December by the way)

On December 13th we spent the whole day packing up our entire apartment (thank you all of you who helped). On December 14th (a Sunday) we went to church and said our goodbyes and visited as many people as we could that day (sorry if we missed you, we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone we wanted to).  On December 15th at 7:00 am we picked up the truck and filled it up (thank you all of you who helped again!!!).  And at 2:00 pm we pulled away from our home that we've had for almost 8 years. Brent's mom took this picture of us driving away down the hill (we were side by side because we were asking each other a question).
We drove all day. That evening was a scare because the road got icy just before Laramie, Wyoming but thankfully we were able to stop in Laramie.  The next morning as we drove past Cheyenne, we saw twenty semi trucks overturned so we were glad we stopped were we did. 
We then set out again the next morning and drove ALL day until we got to Mound City Missouri.  
We got an early start the next morning and arrived to our new home in Tennesse at about 4:45 pm. We were pleased with the temperature as we unloaded the truck.  Thankfully, some teenage boys asked if we needed any help.  We got it mostly unloaded and our beds set up in time to go to bed.  What a tiring day!
We were SO tired the next day that there is no way we could have been driving that day as well.  I'm so grateful we were able to take the fastest route instead of having to go the southern route which is 7 hours longer. With the exception of Monday night, the weather was perfect along the entire route. 

 The boys begged us to set up the christmas tree the first day we were here. So with a mess of boxes surrounding us we set up the tree!

Sunday was the first really sunny day that we had here and the first day we found the eifel tower replica they have.

One week after arriving was...
Christmas morning.  It took a lot of work but Brent was able to get all of these lego sets put together while they were asleep.  He lost a lot of sleep but the kids were so surprised and loved them!

Christmas day was just so beautiful...

But the most beautiful part of it was being together on our new adventure!

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