January 18, 2015

Crazy Hair

I'm still getting used to having a little girl with hair that can actually be styled.  Honestly it took me until I was about 28 years old to finally be able to do my own hair.  Hopefully that learning curve will improve with Sanna cuz right now I'm not doing so hot... :) This hairstyle was from my bright idea to put it in little ponytails the  night before when her hair was wet.  This is how it looked when she woke up...
Crazy hair... crazy week....but not crazy in a good way.  Crazy as in I think my brain is going to explode because I can't deal with any more diarrhea or throw up coming from these cute kids.  Griz threw up in the shopping cart at walmart earlier this week, he also had bad accidents possibly due to this stomach bug in his pants 3 different times, one of which happened today at church (thank you Brent for cleaning that one!!!) Sanna woke covered in aforementioned grossness coming from her diaper pretty much every day this week. So yeah, this week stunk, quite literally.
Saturday night was fun though.  Brent dragged me and the kids out of the house by tempting me with going out to eat for dinner at Steak n Shake.  As we drove there he told me the kids needed to run around so we went to check out a park we hadn't been to yet.  A friend from the ward just happened to be there too so that was fun to chat with her while the kids played.  And then we got to have yummy hamburgers and shakes then rented a movie.  So yeah, that was a really fun day to help my mood.  The weather has been so nice the last couple days too, so nice to walk outside and enjoy the beauty in the nice temperatures.  
Brent and I spoke in church today.  It's good to get that over with.  I hadn't spoken in church since I was 17 years old.  Right before I was going to go up there I felt like I was going to puke, it was so weird! I didn't think I normally got that nervous. Anyway, like I said, glad that's over!

Oh and one more picture...
These cardinals are so beautiful.  Brent took this picture from our porch. I know I keep saying how cool it is to have a forest right outside our apartment, but it really is!!!

Lately I've taken a bunch of pics with my phone and have been posting them on Instagram.  I like doing that more than on the blog or Facebook for several reasons, mainly cuz it's easier and less people see it I think. Anyway my username is hatchmama65 so feel free to start following me on Instagram so you can see cute things the kids do during the day like this...

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And yes I know, the majority of my pictures seem to be of Sanna. In my defense, the boys don't let me take their picture as often, and let's just face it, toddlers are fun to photograph!

Funnies from the kids...
Chico was talking to Brent about rings (he recently got a CTR ring from church) and he was asking Brent if he ever takes off his ring.  Brent takes it off to play with it while he's bored in class or just as a nervous habit sometimes and so in answer to Chico's question he said, "Yeah, I take it off sometimes when I'm bored..." and before Brent could finish his sentence Chico interjects by saying, "with mommy?"  ... Bored with mommy?  Seriously? Where in the world did he get that from? We were laughing so hard on the inside and made sure to correct him that daddy would never take off his ring because he's bored of mommy. Still surprised he'd say that!

Something I want to remember about Griz cuz I don't know if he'll always be this way, he only eats the frosting off of cakes and cookies.  Guess he's conserving his calories.  Also Griz has been so outgoing about everything during this last month in Tennessee.  He is definitely not as shy about things.

Sanna is starting to say words a little more.  Besides just singing "go" and "door" when singing Frozen she can also say, "doas" (toast), toa (coat), shoe, "deez" (cheese), Dadda/Daddy (which she LOVES saying cuz she LOVES her Daddy), and of course mama.  Oh, and let us not forget, "NO!".  She is really good at making us laugh when she says no "No, no, no!"
For a while she's also been saying, "uts is?" (what's this?), and "dat" (that).
Brent does this funny growling thing with her, he growls REALLY loud.  She doesn't even flinch even though by all means she should, I mean I'm flinching when I watch it cuz it's so loud.  But if he tells her "no, no" or "don't do that" she gets SO sad and just cries and cries.
She has the cutest cheesy grin.  I love how she shuts her eyes and her teeth just jut out while she's smiling.  It brightens my day. :)

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Ellye Wong said...

LOVE Sanna's hair and adorable speech! The kids are changing so much since you've moved! They're all doing such "awesomer" things than when they left. I really appreciate this blog Sarah. I will definitely learn how to do Instagram!